The Risks of Going Home After Treatment: Safe Passage can Save your Life

Safe passage is an innovative service offered by Hired Power. Safe passage is the solution to one of the most risky times in a newly recovered person’s life, the trip home after treatment. Graduating from treatment is an exhilarating experience. You will feel on top of the world, but you may also feel a bit hesitant.

Home may have memories of drug and alcohol use. Home may be a trigger. Home may just feel different now that you are becoming a new person. The trip home after treatment can be just as daunting. You have been in a treatment center for several weeks or months, and now you are on your own. You may be asking yourself what the next step is.

This is where safe passage comes in. Safe Passage makes sure that you are not alone. With Safe Passage, you have the support and companionship that you need when you are leaving treatment and going home.

Safe Passage services involve setting you up with a gender specific Certified Personal Recovery Assistant. This helps foster a feeling of safety and professionalism on your recovery journey. A Sober Chaperon will make sure that you get to and from your destination safely and sober.

Treatment can be anxiety provoking and Hired Power understands this. Your Certified Personal Recovery Assistant can meet you at your home, help you prepare for your journey to treatment, and will be with you as you walk to the doors of the treatment center.

When you leave treatment and are ready to go home or to aftercare services, a Sober Escort will help you make the journey. Transporting between treatment and home can feel overwhelming. You’ll be exposed to stressors that you haven’t been around for a while. An escort or chaperone helps take some of the anxiety out of the experience.

Safe Passage reduces the risk of relapse. You won’t be alone which is half the battle. You’ll have someone with you who has insight into your reservations and concerns. Safe Passage improves success rates for getting to and from treatment safely.

Hired Power are experts at connecting you to the resources you need to get sober. Through our range of innovative services, you can stay sober. Contact us now at 714-559-3919. Let us help you figure out the right steps to take.