The role of the sober coach, recovery coach, or recovery assistant is becoming more critical in creating long term, sustainable recovery for people after their treatment experience, or as an alternative to treatment. Recovery assistants are trained professionals who have been in proven recovery a number of years themselves, demonstrating their ability to stay sober from drugs and alcohol while taking care of themselves emotionally. For recovery assistants, being of service to new people in recovery is a way to give back and help others.

Choosing a recovery assistant is something that you will be doing as a process with your case manager at Hired Power. By getting to know you, your loved one, and the details of their addictive or mental health behaviors, Hired Power will help to pair you with the best possible fit in a recovery assistant. Our dynamic team of recovery professionals have been through the growing phases of recovery themselves and have now been serving the industry for many years. However, while we have our hand in professionalism, only you can tell illustrate for us the embodiment of who your loved one is- their character, their wants, and their needs.

Some people prefer finding a recovery assistant who takes a tougher approach to guiding someone through the early months of their recovery. Addiction can lead to sly behaviors of manipulation, lying, and cheating. It takes someone with savvy, personal experience in these behaviors, and a low tolerance for them, to help guide effective change. Other people prefer someone with a more empathetic and compassionate approach. Trauma, abuse, feelings of being isolated or misunderstood are common in those who struggle with addiction. They turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the unmanageable feelings these experiences create. Recovery assistants aren’t meant to be drill sergeants, but they also aren’t meant to be the complete opposite.

The relationship your loved one builds with one of Hired Power’s personal recovery assistants will be based in trust and honesty. Choosing the right recovery assistant should prioritize these two values over anything else. Your loved one has to be able to trust their recovery assistant so they can be honest with them about every struggle, difficult thought, temptation, challenge, and accomplishment.


Our recovery services are designed to empower the family to bring recovery home. Your job is to focus on healing and creating a sustainable recovery environment while we help you take care of the details, one step at a time. Call Hired Power today for information: 714-559-3919