Hired Power provides safe passages and mentoring for addicts in transition.  Recent news has brought attention to the tragic consequences that addicts and families can face when trying to get themselves or their loved ones to a safe supportive environment. The tragic death of a woman who died at Phoenix airport on her way to Rehab makes the news and causes us much grief, and reminds us of why we continue to earnestly provide intensive services for addicts in transition, to and from treatment.  People are very vulnerable during times of transition, navigating situations such as travel can be overwhelming.  Our hope is that nothing like the story of Carol Gotbaum ever has to happen to another family.  Hired Power’s team has over 25 years of collective experience in helping people struggling with addiction and mental health issues. We provide Certified Personal Recovery Assistants to mentor one on one under the direction of a clinical team. Our PRA service sets the standard for supporting individuals both in transition and returning home to build a lifestyle of recovery. We are committed to creating awareness of these services to individuals, professionals and families across the country and internationally, in hopes of NEVER having to read another story like Carol’s!