The dreaded truth…Yes, we can NEVER avoid it. We will be presented with this bittersweet word many times throughout our existence. Not only will we be challenged to share truthfully with our friends and loved ones, but also we will surely face the ultimate truth, which is being honest with ourselves.

The truth is frightening for a few reasons. One of these reasons is the risk of your reputation taking a negative hit. We can no longer control people’s viewpoints of our character and they could possibly form a judgment against us when we expose an embarrassing or harmful truth. Another reason is judgment from those closest to you – and fearing that they may abandon you due to this alarming truth. The reason it’s easier to respond dishonestly is because we believe we can control the outcome and the way they view us. To some to degree, we can. However, what we are trying to control is our image- a false image we begin to build at the expense of a true peace of mind and real human bonds.

That’s why you begin to feel so far off the path of life and feel lost. Being untrue to you damages your moral compass, which creates that feeling of confusion and a total loss of vision and direction in your life.

The truth about truth is that it will take sacrifice. You could possibly sacrifice your reputation in the community and your pride may get knocked. Look at it from this angle. The ego desperately cares about material image, but the spirit desperately needs truth to remain in its purest form. The ego does not have to remain for human survival or to lead a happy life, but the spirit does. When the spirit is awake, it’s because you have taken one step closer to the truth. Each lie that has been told to yourself or another is a toxic threat to your spirit and that lie creates a dark haze that ends up dominating your spirits true colors.

Is lying “bad?” How about, from now on, we eliminate “bad” and “good” from our vocabulary. Lets replace them with “assets” and “liabilities.” Lying is a liability. The best news about liabilities is that they can become your greatest assets with willingness and patience!

Some of us have spun such an intricate web of lies that we don’t even know how to begin the untangling process. If you are reading this article right now, there is great hope for you in regards to finding your way back to your truth. Here are some steps to take that will help you get back on the path of self-truth, to lead a happier existence:

  1. Remember YOU deserve to have an honest relationship with yourself. Start a daily mantra to help get you centered and confident: “No matter how much pain I will feel, I know the outcome will always be positive.”
  2. Allowing yourself to think before you speak will allow you the chance and gift of organizing your thoughts. This will allow you to communicate productively and convey a clearer message, rather than blurting out what sounds “good.”
  3. Practicing telling the truth- If you are afraid to share the truth right away face to face with another person, try writing it down on paper first. Perhaps writing a letter will help you have more time to clear your mind, so you can express your truth effectively. Fear can dominate truth while you are in the company of other human beings.
  4. The most vital step of them all when learning how to be truthful with yourself and others: ASK FOR HELP. Seeking a professional to confide in can be a good approach because it’s a nonbiased party and perhaps they can help you articulate your words. Saying, “I need help.” Is not humiliating. It does not mean you are defeated or weak. It simply means you are ready for TRUTH. It means you are humbled enough to make a significant change in your life!

BE PROUD OF YOURSELF for having the courage to take this step, so you can experience freedom!