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The Workaholics

The respectable addicts
by Barbara Killinger, Ph.D.

Understanding the Dynamics of Workaholism — Obsession

"Has your attention become narrowly fixated on your work?"
Published on February 14, 2012 by Barbara Killinger, Ph.D. in The Workaholics

Workaholism and Obsession

In order to further understand one of the inner dynamics of workaholism — that perfectionism leads to obsession, and in turn, obsession leads to increasing levels of narcissism — our focus now turns to the role that obsession plays.

The Thinking function has a single-focused awareness capacity that zeros in on one subject at a time. As a consequence, extraneous distractions tend to fade into the background. Because Thinking is hierarchical and naturally competitive, it strives to stay on the top rung of the proverbial ladder. Therefore, striving to be the best, winning, and conquering adversity are important values.

A workaholic is a work-obsessed individual who has gradually become emotionally crippled and addicted to power and control. Caught up in a compulsive drive to gain personal approval and public recognition of their success, these driven men and women live a Gerbil-wheel adrenalin-pumping existence rushing from point A to B, narrowly fixated on the next desired goal or accomplishment. Eventually, nothing or no one else matters.

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