What is a Personalized Care Plan?

A personalized care plan is like a road map for your recovery. There is not a cookie cutter solution for successful recovery. Every person has different emotions, experiences, and needs. This is what makes a personalized care plan so unique. A personalized care plan is specifically designed to increase your chance for long term sobriety.

Recovery has to be individualized for each person. No two stories are alike. Every person in recovery has their own triggers, struggles, and goals. There are several benefits to having a personalized care plan for recovery. Benefits include understanding your unique needs and setting up a plan to help you deal with cravings to use.

Personalized care plans help you understand what your unique triggers may be. What causes urges in one person, may not bother another person. Likewise, what triggers your recovering peer, may not bother you. Personalized care plans help you identify your triggers and how to successfully fight through them.

A personalized care plan will also involve an aftercare plan. Going to treatment for a few weeks or months, may not be enough for you to gain long term sobriety. Many people become involved in therapy or 12 step meetings to really work through the core issues of their drug and alcohol use. A care plan will discuss a specific plan for long term recovery. Your plan will include measurable goals and objectives, as well as steps to take to reach those goals.

An example of care plan goals and steps could look something like this:

  • Goal- To be sober for one year
  • Objective A- To attend meetings 3-5 times a week
  • Objective B- To attend therapy 3-4 times a month, for 6 months
  • Objective C- To find a sponsor

Your care plan doesn’t have to be only about meetings and sponsors, although that is important. Hired Power has recovery assistants and coaches to help you identify areas that you want to work on. Care plans can include goals such as getting back into the workforce, continuing education, having fun, finding new hobbies, confronting legal issues, and much more.

Hired Power are experts at connecting you to the tools you need to plan for successful recovery, one step at a time. Through our range of services and expertise, you can stay sober. Contact us now at 714-559-3919. Let us work with you as you take your first steps.