Certified Personal Recovery Assistant (CPRA)

A Certified Personal Recovery Assistant is a professional individual who is qualified to provide guidance, support and mentoring to people struggling with addiction and mental health issues, in the home or on the road. This certification was created to address the growing concern around the need to distinguish between a professional service and individuals offering similar services. 

Hired Power Certified Personal Recovery Assistant’s, work as a member of a clinical team to create a solid foundation of recovery in the client’s home environment. This team includes a Hired Power case manager, a treatment coordinator, the CPRA and the client themselves. The team is essential in developing a solid transition plan for the client.  The specific duty of a CPRA is to provide guidance, mentoring and support to the client as they apply the information learned in early recovery into a daily living plan. 

CPRA’s are not licensed to carryout therapy, counseling, diagnosis or treatment of any kind.  By completing the Hired Power certification requirements the Personal Recovery Assistant is a competent professional who can be trusted to carry out the duties of living with clients, maintaining professional relationships, coordinating clinical supervision with the case manager and treatment coordinator. This environment supports a positive therapeutic relationship that will benefit the client. See www.hpcpra.com for more details.