Numerous professionals in the addiction treatment field often turn to Hired Power for compassionate, reliable support when caring for their clients. From our personalized Safe Passage program to our Personal Recovery Assistants (PRAs), here are some top reasons for choosing to partner with Hired Power for addiction and mental health recovery services, cited by those working directly with individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

Safe Passage offers Transition Support Day or Night

Nanette Zumalt, President and CEO of Hired Power, has worked closely with a wide range of treatment experts, from clinical directors to primary therapists and clinical outreach specialists to achieve a common goal of supporting and lifting their clients. These industry professionals often depend on Hired Power’s dedication to flexibility and responsiveness in time-sensitive situations to get clients the resources and support they need as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Whenever an emergency arises and a client needs to get home urgently, Hired Power has helped with Safe Passage. Requests often come in at 10pm or later, and Hired Power is always available to answer the phone and pave the way for clients requiring immediate assistance.

Safe Passage

Safe Passage is part of Hired Power’s personalized approach to successful recovery from addiction. The program ensures that every client has access to one-on-one professional support throughout the recovery process, starting with transitioning into a treatment facility. The program has helped clinical staff avoid some of the obstacles that can arise when transitioning clients into professional treatment facilities.

Making the decision to enter a treatment program is difficult enough on its own. With Safe Passage, clients never have to worry about the smaller details that often accompany this next step, such as transportation woes and travel preparations, carrying prescription medications, and figuring out airport gate changes and delays.

Emotional support and guidance is a critical component of the Safe Passage program. More often than not, traveling to a treatment facility comes with unexpected temptations, such as passing by airport bars.

Clinical outreach directors and others in the addiction treatment field often utilize Hired Power’s services both in the initial stages and also in discharge planning. When clients are transitioning into a treatment facility, having a Personal Recovery Assistant by their side every step of the way is often the helping hand they need to achieve lasting recovery.

When one outreach director was asked about their experiences with Hired Power, they replied: “Over the last 20 years, Hired Power has never said NO to me. They always pull through. Whenever I call, they are there. They can move quickly. One time I remember I called late at night needing someone the next day and somehow Hired Power made it happen and got the person safely to treatment.”

Prep and Post Recovery Center Support

Addiction and mental health recovery support services from Hired Power never stop after the initial transition. They provide both personalized prep and post recovery care to ensure a smooth process for each client.

“The prep and post recovery center support is ESSENTIAL. Hired Power helps us wrap services around each client depending on their unique needs. We want to provide as much support as possible,” One clinical outreach director said. “We have a highly individualized program, (with) only 11 clients at a time, so (for) our after-care we want to be just as tailored to provide ongoing support.”

Individualized Aftercare Services

Assimilating back into day-to-day life is one of the toughest steps in the recovery process. Hired Power is dedicated to making this transition as stress-free as possible for clients through comprehensive aftercare services, such as Sober Companion, Coach Connect, and Monitoring.

Sober Companion

Hired Power’s sober companion program addresses one of the greatest challenges of maintaining sobriety – avoiding temptation after treatment.

A Personal Recovery Assistant (PRA) is a sober companion that individuals in recovery can rely on to guide them through the path to lasting sobriety. They’re available day and night to provide support and advice for clients and their families, from attending therapy sessions and medical appointments to navigating social and professional situations.

Coach Connect

The Coach Connect program connects clients with a certified coach and support team to build upon personal strengths and reach new recovery milestones. Certified coaches help develop individualized wellness plans, track progress, and provide clients with the necessary resources to stay on track for a successful recovery.


Monitoring is a crucial part of the recovery process for individuals at risk of relapse. Individualized monitoring ensures that clients are cared for and held accountable for actions that may jeopardize their recovery.

Why Choose Addiction and Mental Health Recovery Services From Hired Power

Numerous addiction and mental health professionals have testified to the positive experiences they have had with Hired Power.

One of Hired Power’s regular directors expressed this when asked to describe Hired Power’s commitment to clients:

“Professional. Responsive. Clinical Expertise. Trustworthy. And most of all they take good care of our clients. (They’re) very good about identifying the right (PRA) to be the best fit for each individual. (They) have people around the country so (they) can always make it happen. The clients say they feel supported and safe.”

They went on to conclude: “I have worked with Hired Power with several facilities and no matter where I am they always provide the same level of care. We do give patients options, but the confidence I have with Hired Power’s ability to be responsive and make it happen is what keeps drawing me back to them.”

At Hired Power, we recognize that recovery is a team effort that requires both personal and professional support. Our goal is always to help our clients feel safe, understood, and cared for throughout the recovery process. Providing exceptional care often means working with other professionals to support their own clients.

Hired Power is a compassionate and personalized approach for the entire recovery process, designed to Bring Recovery Home. With over 20 years of experience in interventions and full-service recovery support for clients and families, we can help our clients achieve and maintain successful recovery and fulfillment.

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