Case Management- Alternative Sentencing, Court Reporting

Hired Power’s Professional Alternative Sentencing Service: A Supplemental Service that includes an intake assessment and evaluation along with a written court report including recommendations for a treatment plan in place of jail time. This service is individually designed to support each client and family system.

Alternative Sentencing Program:

The Alternative Sentencing is a sober assistance service that can be provided in support of and in addition to our other programs and services. The written court report can be provided to the legal team and when beneficial one of our trained professionals can personally submit the report to the court and provide direct Safe Passage to the identified treatment center. It has been our professional experience that this method is often the first choice of the court. Providing the direct safe Passage to the treatment center from the court ensures the court of the clients intentions and commitment to treatment and relapse prevention.

Who Benefits from Alternative Sentencing?

Clients and families with legal issues related to their substance abuse and addiction can benefit from the Alternative Sentencing Service and can help establish and implement a clear treatment plan in place of jail time. Families have also utilized the written reports for other legal issues such as child custody cases, financial trust issues

The written reports can be provided to family members as well as the client’s legal team.

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