Case Management- Professional Coaching With Monitoring Program

Hired Power Professional Sober Coaching with Monitoring Program 

The transition from residential treatment back into independent living can be a trying time for those in recovery. They are leaving the structure and support of full-time treatment, and must now use the skills they learned in treatment to keep up healthy habits and stay accountable to themselves. For many people in recovery, this time involves finding employment, living as part of a society where the subject of their addiction may tempt them, reintegrating with family life or reaching out to old friends they may have hurt. It is often the first time that an individual has needed to live daily life while fighting the pull of addiction, and with treatment feeling very fresh it may be particularly difficult to resist urges or cravings.

In cases like these, a sober coach — sometimes called a recovery coach — can provide extra assistance and guidance to help navigate this phase of recovery. At Hired Power, our case management services include professional recovery coaching as an option for clients and family members who are readjusting to life after addiction. This service is highly customizable, and your coaching program will be individually designed to supervise and support each client and family system as needed.

Professional Coaching Program

Professional Recovery Coaching is a service that can be provided in support of and in addition to our Essential Monitoring Program. Our monitoring program ensures that our clients are held accountable for their sobriety after they leave treatment — we can provide services including regular check-ins, random drug testing and monthly reports sent to recovery stakeholders. Our professional coaching program moves one step beyond this overarching monitoring and provides one-on-one recovery guidance for clients and family members, both in person and remotely. Whether you are struggling with boundaries or with additional concerns of threats to early recovery, this additional support can help keep recovery on track during clients’ most vulnerable time. With a recovery coach, you can continue to practice good communication while increasing the commitment and follow through of each party to the overall recovery goals.

What Can a Professional Coach Do?

Recovery coaches are qualified to help with a variety of concerns. In most cases at Hired Power, they are similar to a case manager — they can help connect you with appropriate resources based on your history and needs. Rather than serving as clinicians or therapists by providing physical or emotional support, they are here to assist with the logistical side of sobriety, including scheduling appointments, attending support meetings and tracking progress.

In addition, the role of a recovery coach is to help you discover your strengths and use them to your advantage in life after treatment. They can help you explore different hobbies, activities or therapies that fit your personality and interests so that you can stay busy and away from harmful behaviors. They can also work with your support system — your friends and family — to identify what kind of boundaries you need and how you can best communicate with one another. Statistics show by improving the quality of structure and communication within the family system, the potential outcomes for sustained recovery for the entire family greatly increase.

Finally, a sober coach can help you and your loved ones set and implement clear recovery goals tailored to your unique situation. Perhaps you want to have a steady job within six months, or you are aiming to live a healthier lifestyle with your family. Your coach can help you establish achievable milestones to meet your goals and ensure that you stay on track until you reach them.

Who Benefits from Professional Coaching with Monitoring?

Our Professional Coaching with Monitoring Program is an excellent choice for anyone who has struggled with addiction and is concerned about their ability to stay sober on their own. The most common time to work with a recovery coach is immediately following residential or intensive treatment when the transition into independent living brings a host of uncertainties that can put recovery in jeopardy. The best candidates are those who have struggled with addiction for a long time, those who do not have a job or other responsibilities awaiting them after recovery or those who have a history of relapse.

But there are many other times when it might make sense to use a professional coach’s services — any time you are going through a difficult period, whether you are moving, changing jobs, have recently lost a loved one or otherwise, you might be at a higher risk of relapse. It can be helpful to have someone making sure that you stay on track and find ways to cope with the situation that doesn’t trigger a relapse.

In reality, professional recovery coaching can benefit anyone who is in recovery from addiction. The services are meant to provide support and help with accountability, responsibilities that would otherwise fall to the individual in recovery or their family members. The added pressure of keeping track of these items can introduce extra stress that puts recovery at risk. Allowing a trained professional to handle this part of recovery can make the process easier for both the individual and their loved ones, which reduces the number of possible setbacks and improves long-term outcomes.

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