Interventions are a process,
not an event

At Hired Power our team of professionals is with you from the initial call through 12 months of monitoring and aftercare services. We understand the statistical data that supports the longer the client is engaged in recovery the better the outcomes, we commit ourselves to this. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all calls.


The Process


By calling 800-910-9299, you will begin the journey to a healthier relationship with your loved one. During the assessment you will speak directly with the Intervention Specialist that will work with you, your family and your loved one throughout the process. After determining if an Intervention is the appropriate course of action we will then complete an initial assessment that includes the client’s history: medical, psychological, social, legal, educational and drug/alcohol. We will gather information about current circumstances, acuity level of the situation, financial and legal, if any.

Hired Power will assist in identifying the appropriate team members to participate in the intervention process.

  • We will determine with the Intervention team the timing and location for the Intervention presentation.
  • As experts who have visits hundreds of treatment centers across the country and abroad we will recommend appropriate treatment options that best fit the needs of your loved one.
  • Once determined we will work directly with the chosen center to coordinate loved ones intake and admission process.
  • We will communicate and coordinate with the clinical team the assessment history information so they may best be prepared for the loved one.
  • We will work with the family to determine possible dates to schedule the Intervention and safe location.

An Intervention is a presentation of a plan. The success of an intervention is largely determined through planning and preparation, and professional experience, this is important.Before the intervention takes place your intervention specialist will guide the team through a preparation workshop/ rehearsal. Depending on the time frame necessary the workshop could take place immediately prior to the actual intervention. Sometimes, the preparation workshop can be longer than the actual intervention itself. It is essential that everyone planning to participate in the intervention be present at the workshop.

  • We will speak individually with each member of the Intervention team prior to the workshop to gather additional information, answer questions or concerns, determine appropriateness for participation and explain the process.

During the workshop we will discuss the possible roadblocks or objections to going to treatment. These may include issues such as children/family, employment, financial concerns, timing and willingness among many others.

  • Support the writing of letters to be used in the intervention itself. These letters serve a dual role. They are used in the intervention but also by the clinical team at the chosen treatment facility to enhance the transition into treatment.
  • We will assist the team in determining appropriate boundaries to increase the health of the family as well as the client.
  • Rehearse the orchestration of the intervention plan with practice and possible role play.
  • Determine the support team that will accompany the client during their transition to the treatment center. It is most commonly recommended to have a professional accompany the loved one.

The day of the scheduled Intervention the team will meet at a predetermined location. At this time we will go over any questions, situational changes, concerns and overall schedule.

  • Present the plan to the client for accepting treatment and going with the predetermined individuals to the treatment center at that time.

We will notify the treatment center of the client’s acceptance and scheduled time arrival.

We will accompany the client from the Intervention to the door of the treatment center unless other arrangements have been determined and arranged.

We will debrief with the team or individually with team members as the situation allows.

Our Intervention Specialist remains available to the team throughout the course of treatment. We are available for support and coaching while the client is in treatment.

We work with the treatment centers clinical and discharge teams to create the aftercare transition plan.

All of our interventions include a 12 month monitoring program.