Sober Escort Services

Recovery does not end with the completion of a treatment program. In fact, we encourage our clients to think of treatment as the very beginning of their recovery — sobriety is a lifestyle rather than a one-time achievement, and it requires a lifetime of healthy choices to keep addiction in check. A short-term treatment program is designed to give you the tools you need to make the right decisions for the rest of your life, but it is up to you to use them.

Sometimes, maintaining your sobriety will feel easy. As you adjust to your substance-free lifestyle, you will find happiness and fulfillment that motivates you to make healthy choices. But other times, you will be tempted to turn back to drugs or alcohol. A stressful week at work, unexpected bad news, an upcoming family or social event or any number of other personal triggers can bring back the cravings that you have worked hard to reduce. These cravings can most often be managed through self-care methods like attending your local support groups, checking in with your therapist or taking some quiet time for yourself at home.

But what can you do if you feel vulnerable to relapse when your usual support system is not available to you? Traveling presents a challenge for many people in recovery, not only because it can be stressful to be away from home but also because the destination typically includes high-pressure situations. Flying home for the holidays, for example, presents a common trigger of worrying about family expectations while staying in an unfamiliar and possibly enabling environment. Or, traveling for work may include the pressure to “let loose” with your coworkers who do not know that you are in recovery. In times like these, a professional sober escort can be the mobile support that you need to safely get through your time away from home.

What Do Sober Escorts Do?

Sober escorts are certified recovery professionals — we often call them personal recovery assistants or PRAs — who are specifically trained to travel with Hired Power clients. They are equipped and qualified to handle all aspects of your day-to-day recovery on the road: medication management, drug or alcohol testing, connecting you with local resources like providers or support groups, serving as a confidant and sober companion, and more. These services are also intended simply to get you safely from Point A to Point B and back, ensuring that transportation and accommodations are arranged for and assisting with preparing a recovery-conscious itinerary.

The services that a sober escort provides are tailored to each client. If you have a co-occurring disorder like depression or anxiety, for example, a sober escort can ensure you have access to any forms of treatment you use to manage your symptoms. If you are going to be attending events with alcohol or seeing people who still use substances, your sober escort can be at your side to help you stay accountable. If you want to continue with particular aspects of your regular relapse prevention routine, they can help you with items such as finding a local 12 Step meeting or arranging virtual appointments with your therapist.

While our sober escorts’ first goal is prevention, they are also trained to handle emergencies in the event of a relapse or related concern. They can ensure that you get the medical attention that you need right away and can help transport you safely to an appropriate treatment center in the area or closer to home.

Are Sober Escort Services Right for Me?

Since sober escort services are highly customizable, Hired Power proudly provides sober escorts for a wide range of clients. No matter where you are on your journey of recovery, a sober escort can be of assistance during transitions and other times of vulnerability. Some examples of individuals who may be a good fit for a sober escort include clients who are:

  • Traveling on forms of transportation that offer alcoholic beverages to passengers (e.g., planes or trains)
  • Traveling by plane with connecting flights or uncertain ground transportation
  • Traveling far from home for extended periods
  • Traveling with a multi-day itinerary before reaching the destination
  • Traveling to a destination that may involve exposure to drugs or alcohol

Sober escorts can be scheduled for the entirety or part of your trip, depending on your needs. No request is too long or too far — when you need our sober escort services, we are here to provide them. Hired Power also provides similar Safe Passage services for clients who are traveling for care transitions, such as leaving a treatment center to travel home or moving from home, the hospital or court to treatment.

Professional Sober Escorts at Hired Power

Our sober escorts are highly qualified individuals with the certifications and experience necessary to provide sober escort services. They are Personal Recovery Assistants who have been carefully vetted through background checks and trained to take on every possible complication in supporting a client. Each sober escort has personal experience with substance abuse and recovery so they can personally empathize with each client’s worries and concerns; we require a minimum of five years sober to ensure they are well-established in their recovery and fully equipped to guide you along the right path.

We work with several independently contracted sober escorts across the country so that we can provide these services to clients in many geographic areas. We also do our best to pair our clients with sober escorts who are a strong personality match, though all of our escorts are personable, respectful, open-minded and compassionate and enjoy working with individuals from all walks of life.

Where Sober Escort Services Fit Into Your Care

Hired Power provides a full continuum of recovery management care. Our Sober Escort Services can be offered as part of a suite of services or on a standalone basis. Sober Escort Services are often utilized by clients who are in later stages of recovery. Some have completed a detox and treatment program and have transitioned into independent life, but want an added level of support as they continue to become comfortable in their sobriety. Others are more well-established in a substance-free lifestyle, but know that traveling — or their destination — is a point of vulnerability and choose to enlist extra help in the form of a sober escort.

Hired Power offers a variety of similar sober companion services designed for specific clients. Our Personal Recovery Assistants are intended to serve as day-to-day companions, while our Safe Passage services that target care transitions. We also provide other types of recovery care management, including:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Sober Monitoring
  • Interventions
  • Case Management
  • Alternative Sentencing Services
  • Professional Coaching

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