Transitional Support Timelines


The first week after completion and discharge from a treatment setting is a high-risk period for relapse in early recovery. The stress of moving, especially a move back to a place like a family home that comes with difficult or emotionally-charged memories of days before treatment, can be hard on an individual. Some people find themselves at home and alone for the first time in many months. The first few days after leaving treatment might be the first time in years that an individual has needed to attend to mundane tasks while sober.

Our short-term support options such as personal recovery assistants are intended to ease some of these worries in a 3- to 10-day time frame after discharge from a residential or inpatient recovery program. These services may include:

  • Assistance with transportation home
  • Full-time, one-on-one sober companionship
  • Care coordination with new providers
  • Initiating implementation of recovery skills


Transitional support can extend beyond the physical transition out of a treatment center. Navigating the psychological adjustment of leading an independent, sober life is a process that takes months or years to assimilate to, and often a limited time in a residential program is not enough to fully instill the necessary skills. Long-term transitional support can come in many forms, but the objective is to guide individuals in recovery as they slowly become accustomed to living independently without relying on substances.

Hired Power offers a variety of long-term transitional support services that are typically utilized for 9 to 12 months after leaving treatment, though our timelines are flexible based on clients’ needs. Long-term recovery transition support services may include:

  • Recovery care management/care coordination
  • Sober coaching
  • Professional coaching
  • Sober monitoring

As you or your loved one nears the end of their residential treatment program, we encourage you to reach out to us. We work individually with every client to create a customized plan for their transition and the days, months and years following discharge. Our short-term and long-term services, including personal recovery assistants, are available in the Los Angeles and Orange County area as well as nationwide via our remote network of providers.

Personal Recovery Assistants

Our Personal Recovery Assistants (PRAs), sometimes called sober companions, accompany clients during transitional periods and beyond. As a short-term service, PRAs help coordinate recovery transitions and provide sober companionship in the first days after discharge from treatment. As an extended service, PRAs work one-on-one with clients as they navigate even the most challenging social and work situations.

Many of our clients struggle with a complex combination of addictive behaviors, including alcoholism, drug addiction, depression and/or eating disorders. Their recovery process will be equally complex as they seek to incorporate various coping mechanisms and forms of treatment into their day-to-day life. In-home, constant services like PRAs help clients advance their recovery in these regards while allowing them to continue their professional, recreational and social lives. PRAs ensure that our clients do not need to feel alone or isolated in their recovery, serve as sounding boards in times of stress and offer professional advice that helps our clients learn to make healthy choices on their own.

While assisting with day-to-day living skills such as time management and meal preparation, Hired Power PRAs also support the client in broader lifestyle activities. We help connect our clients with identified treatment professionals in their area and assist in arranging regularly scheduled appointments. We accompany clients to recovery meetings, individual appointments and business meetings in addition to recreational and social events. In essence, we help to increase the success of the journey to long-term recovery by gently steering our clients in the right direction through peer companionship and personal assistance.

Personal Recovery Assistant staff includes individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences. Many are in active, long-term recovery, and are uniquely qualified to offer advice and support at critical emotional and behavioral junctures. Personal Recovery Assistants have undergone specialized training, thorough background checks, and are fully insured.

Other Transitional Support Services

Hired Power continues to expand on the professional concept of recovery transition services with added recovery management features that can be provided on their own or as part of a customized combination of programming. Along with Personal Recovery Assistants, our options include:

Recovery Care Management

Recovery care management includes broad management of all aspects of recovery care, including identifying local providers; making and coordinating appointments; overseeing a client’s Hired Power team; communicating between providers, clients, family members and other stakeholders and/or making adjustments in a long-term care plan as necessary.

Sober & Professional Coaching

Our certified coaches are professionally trained to offer part-time support and guidance on a one-on-one basis with our clients. Sober coaches provide personal and social advice for individuals who are struggling with relationships, stress, mental health symptoms, cravings or otherwise. Professional coaches provide career counseling and advice regarding workplace behaviors and boundaries, maintaining professional relationships and helping clients meet their career goals.

Essential Sober Monitoring Services

Sober monitoring is a key component of long-term care that offers regular drug testing and alcohol monitoring, either at a provider’s offices or in a client’s home. Monitoring gives clients an external measurement of their sobriety and holds them accountable to someone or something other than themselves. Monitoring also allows providers to identify relapse early and get clients back into appropriate treatment quickly.

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Studies prove that the longer a client receives continued support, the greater the potential for lasting recovery. At Hired Power, it is our goal to help individuals find lifelong sobriety and stop relapse in its tracks. Transitional services like those we provide are designed to offer additional guidance and support as clients move through stages of recovery and as they learn to live a fulfilling sober life.

Do you or a loved one need help? We want to hear from you. Our offices are located in Southern California’s Orange County area, but our services are available nationwide. No matter where you are or what you need, we offer a variety of services that might be right for you. Please call 800-910-9299 to speak with a recovery professional or fill out a form.

Do you or a loved one need help? Please call 800-910-9299 to speak with a recovery professional.