Safe Passage

Both entering and completing treatment can be very stressful for individuals as it indicates imminent change. The travel to and from, in itself, is a time when the unknowing can cause extreme anxiety which often results in high risk choice making.

At Hired Power we provide Safe Passage for clients and families during this transition period. Hired Power’s Certified Personal Recovery Assistants are able to travel to a client’s home, assist them in the necessary preparations and accompany them to the door of the treatment setting.

Quite often, clients need to return home during the course of treatment for a family situation, legal issue, or a program home visit. The Certified Personal Recovery Assistant will arrive at the treatment center and provide Safe Passage for the client during the necessary excursion from treatment. This service has helped to bring continuity to the experience and decrease the risk of a client’s relapse or refusal to return to the treatment setting.

Moving from a primary treatment center to an extended care center has long been a proven time of increased anxiety and risk. Clients are faced with the known risks of carrying their own medications, passing by airport bars with long periods of travel time, stress and delays. Having a gender-specific Certified Personal Recovery Assistant during this transition can be the determining factor of getting a client to their next destination safely. This service can potentially reduce the need for an additional drug intervention, detox settings thereby minimizing the risk of relapse in recovery.

Common situations where a Safe Passage is best utilized to support the client and families:

  • Transitioning from an Intervention to the desired drug & alcohol treatment center.
  • Transitioning from a mental health setting to a different level of care.
  • Transitioning home for a schedule program visit.
  • Transitioning to or from court, or from jail to a preferred treatment setting.
  • Transitioning from a hospital to a desired mental health or drug treatment center.
  • Transitioning from one treatment center to another.