Mental Health Safe Passage Transport is a service that provides professional consulting where:

We work to minimize the anxiety of the experience. We know the decision to enter treatment is not an easy one and the decision to trust professionals to handle the transition, although difficult, is most often necessary.

We work very closely with the client, family and professionals involved to create the safest possible arrangements and experience. We understand the significance of selecting the right Certified Sober Companion for each client. We always have a gender specific match.

We make all travel arrangements, doing our best to manage travel costs. While working closely with the receiving treatment facility we arrange all travel and transportation details that are necessary for a safe and secure transition. We will communicate vital information with family and professionals, notifying everyone when the client is safely transitioned.

Hired Power’s Certified Personal Sober Champions are able to travel to a client’s home or current location, assist them with essential preparations and accompany them to the door of the treatment setting.

Do you or a loved one need help? Please call 800-910-9299 to speak with a recovery professional.