“I will continue to send my client and family referrals to you, since I believe Hired Power is the most comprehensive, most professional, and most Clinically and Culturally sensitive! Keep up your stellar work. I am most impressed with your services.”

– William J. Hanna, Psy.D., BCRPS, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist, Assistant Clinical Director, Bayside Marin

“I was referred for help to Hired Power; the care they actually provided was fabulous. My patient was safe, my worries were calmed and the rehab was even enabled in their treatment because my patient was calm. I recommend Hired Power without a moment’s hesitation.”

– Michael Roy, MSW, Executive Director, Clearview Treatment Centers

“I have worked with Hired Power extensively in collaboration with Clearview Treatment Programs’ individualized outpatient program. I am always impressed with their effectiveness and professionalism.”

– Robyn Cirillo, PhD

“It was a pleasure working with Hired Power. Their professionalism and commitment to my client, who has struggled with relapse for years, was outstanding.”

– Dan Cronin, Owner, Assessment Intervention Resources, Director of Counseling for the National Hockey League, http://www.airalternatives.com

The Care and professionalism that Nanette takes with each individual family to provide just the right person is some of the best I have seen. I had a family that wanted their son (who was struggling with addiction) to come home for their daughter’s wedding. The companion Hired Power provided was perfect. As an adolescent specialist, and someone who has worked with families for years, I feel confident saying Hired Power provides individualized care, great follow through, and helps a family when they need it most.

– Kevin J. Kindlin, M.A., C.S.A.C, Educational Consultant, 11500 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 430, Los Angeles, CA 90064, kkindlin@thebodingroup.com, www.thebodingroup.com, (310) 806-9655

Wilderness Quest has frequent need of a service such as Ms. Zumwalts, so we often have occasion to contact her 2 to 3 times per month. Wilderness Quest is a NATSAP affiliate, and is JACCHO accredited and has been helping heal families for over 35 years. Professionally and ethically, Nanette has proven herself and Hired Power to be highly qualified. Her team is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. I have had nothing but excellent, professional experiences with Hired Power, and will continue to support them in the future.

– Paula Riggs, Admissions Director, Wilderness Quest, (888) WAY-BACK, www.wildernessquest.com

I have had the pleasure of working with Nanette and Hired Power over the last few years. As an Interventionist and treatment consultant, many of the cases I deal with are complicated, emergency, high profile situations which I believe must be handled confidentially, expeditiously and with professionalism. Having Hired Power as a resource and adjunct to my scope of business has proven to be professionally beneficial and personally comforting in my sometimes challenging profession.

– Michael E. Walsh M.S., Addiction Treatment Options, Inc., www.addictiontreatmentoptions.com

Hired Power provides an unmatched resource for the patients, referents and staff at Jaywalker Lodge. The team at Hired Power is uniquely equipped to assist our patients with round-the-clock support. Some of our professional referents use Hired Power to provide sober transports for their clients to and from our program – both before and during their treatment episode at Jaywalker Lodge. Our staff is also able to utilize experienced personal recovery assistants from Hired Power to ensure a safe and healthy transition for patients leaving treatment and returning to “life on life’s terms.”

– Bob Ferguson, Executive Director, JayWalker Lodge, www.jaywalkerlodge.com, (866) 529-9255

“Hired Power is the only company of personal recovery assistants I will use. Their case management approach is unprecedented and allows for the most effective care possible. I trust Nanette Zumwalt and her staff completely and can rest assured that my clients will be in the most professional, qualified, caring hands available in the United States and Europe.”

– Kristina Wandzilak, C.A.S. BRI-II, Author, Executive Director, Full Circle Intervention, www.fullcircleintervention.com, (415) 747-8224

Hired Power “Gets It !” They have close working relationships with the best treatment providers in our industry. Nanette and her team of professionals only work with the most caring of professionals. Families around the country know where to go when they are seeking treatment or coaching services for their loved ones.

– Dirk Eldredge, Alchemy Intervention, alchemyintervention.com

As the Chief Operating Officer of Morningside Recovery, I am responsible for the efficient and professional operation of a sixty-bed extended care facility. In order to smoothly service our referents and families in need of transitioning a client from inpatient treatment to the extended care setting, or from the extended care setting back to their home town, Hired Power is our preferred service provider.

Hired Power has a staff that acts with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. The attention to detail and customer service attitude is phenomenal. At the drop of a hat, I know in this crisis industry, I can call on the services of Hired Power to meet our clients’ needs. The staff at Hired Power is trained in effectively managing the often difficult population of addicts and alcoholics. When Morningside Recovery turns over a client to Hired Power, we rest assured the client will get where they need to go and the family will be more than satisfied with the service.

Furthermore, Nanette Zumwalt, the CEO and President, is always available to personally interface on how we can more effectively compliment one another with our services. Her years of experience in this field and top-notch clinical skills, enable Morningside Recovery and Hired Power to truly benefit the clients we serve.

– Paul Alexander, Chief Operating Officer, Morningside Recovery, (866) 725-8565 admissions, www.morningsiderecovery.com

The young man in question ended up readmitting here so your services were not needed. I was however, very impressed with the response of Monique and the front office staff in getting me connected to her when I told the person answering the phone the urgency of the situation. It’s things like these that keep me coming back as well as referring others to you. Many thanks.

– Bill Mackey LCSW, CSAT The Menninger Clinic