Teen Safe Passage To A Behavioral Health Program

Hired Power Safe Passage

Marni Luther, Hired Power’s Intake Manager, received an inquiry call from an Education Consultant regarding a family whose 15-year-old son was struggling with mental health and behavioral challenges. The inquiry was for Safe Passage assistance from the family’s home to a wilderness program in another state. During the initial conversation, Marni learned the teen was previously diagnosed with anxiety and depression and the family was working with local professionals for several years.

Reaching out to the family for further information and transition details, Marni learned additional information about the family dynamics within the home. It was shared that their son Jeremy’s* disposition showed acting out and resistant behaviors towards family, school, and professionals. At this point, it was clear they would benefit from the professional guidance of Hired Power’s Transitional Services team.

As the family was walked through an extensive overview of Safe Passage, Client Services Manager Tracy Waters provided emotional support and guidance. She outlined the process of providing coaching on the family’s role and engagement they and their son would experience. Tracy included a confident introduction to the transport team that would be working directly with the family, the itinerary, and the travel needed for client and team safety. Her coaching and in-depth explanation opened up a connection for collaboration which alleviated the parents’ questions and need for concerns.

When the morning of the Safe Passage arrived, the Hired Power team notified the family of their arrival and spent time reviewing the day’s plans. The parents were reassured of safety procedures and that they would receive ongoing updates from Tracy throughout their travel. The parents then introduced the team to their son Jeremy*, sharing with him that he would be going to a wilderness program with the team accompanying him on his journey. The two team members reintroduced themselves to Jeremy* explaining where they were going and what the process would include. Jeremy was initially very upset, telling both his parents and the team he was not willing to go to the wilderness program. The Hired Power team members reassured Jeremy* of his safety and ability to comply with what was being asked of him. After additional conversation including support and direction, Jeremy* agreed to go with the team. Together they headed to the airport to catch an early flight. Upon arrival, all flights to their destination were either canceled or delayed, triggering a level of anxiety and reluctance to wait in Jeremy*.


Jeremy* and the team continued to build upon the initial trust and rapport with discussions about music, sports figures, and cars.

After discussion among the family, the transport team, and the Hired Power office, it was decided that renting a car and driving the 10 hours to the destination would be the best solution. This decision ensured Jeremy* would reach his destination as quickly as possible, reducing his returning reluctance with professional support and guidance.

Jeremy* went with the change in plans without incident, falling asleep once they were on the road. After about a 3-hour nap, he woke up stating he felt much more relaxed and was “starving”, requesting a burger with fries. After the meal, Jeremy* and the team continued to build upon the initial trust and rapport with discussions about music, sports figures, and cars.

Jeremy* had questions regarding the program he would be attending and what the other guys were like. The team shared additional information about the wilderness program and what to expect, encouraging him to take this time to focus on himself, his communication with his family, and experiencing the outdoors.

Upon arrival at the destination, the team and Jeremy* met with the receiving program professionals relaying the trip’s details and Jeremy’s* overall attitude. Jeremy* was nervous but accepting, shaking the transport team’s hands during their departure and thanking them for both supporting him on his journey and for the burger.


Hearing a huge sigh of happy relief in their voices, knowing he was safe and they were on their way to healing is why the entire team at Hired Power is proud to offer Safe Passage to their families and community professionals.

The team was pleased to call the Educational Consultant and the family informing them Jeremy* had arrived safely into his treatment program as well as his response to the staff greeting him.


*The son’s name was changed to Jeremy for confidentiality purposes.

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