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Hired Power can safely accompany individuals transitioning between levels of care within the treatment continuum in Huntington Beach. These situations often present emotional distress and higher risk that require the guidance and support of a professional.

Hired Power is a compassionate and personalized approach for the entire recovery process, designed to Bring Recovery Home. With over 20 years of experience in safe passage and full-service recovery support for clients and families, we can help our clients achieve and maintain successful recovery and fulfillment.

What IS Safe Passage?

Safe passage is a service that provides professional consulting where we work to minimize the anxiety of the transitioning and travel experience. We know the decision to enter treatment is not an easy one and the decision to trust professionals to handle the transition, although difficult, is most often necessary.

We work very closely with each client and their family on a one-on-one basis, as well as all involved professionals, to create the safest possible arrangements and experience. We understand the significance of selecting the right Personal Recovery Assistant for each client and select a compatible, gender-specific match for each client.

Often, having a professional accompany a client to a mental health treatment center and help manage the rigorous travel details can be the determining factor of getting to the desired destination safely. Situations such as carrying personal medications, passing airport bars, figuring out gate changes and delays, lack of proper identification, or even the need to drive to the next destination can be stressful, but an experienced professional can provide the necessary emotional support and guidance during this difficult time.

For a safe and secure transition, we handle all travel arrangements and transportation details, doing our best to manage costs. Our Personal Recovery Assistants are also able to travel to a client’s home or current location and assist them with essential preparations, then accompany them to the door of the treatment facility. Families and professionals will receive vital information throughout the process and everyone will be notified when the transition is complete.

For clients, transition and travel times are often filled with stress and anxiety. Clients are faced with the known risks of carrying their personal medications, passing by airport bars and long periods of travel time and delays. Hired Power has an expert team of caring professionals that share the primary goal of providing individuals and families much-needed support and assistance during these times of transition. Gender-specific and highly qualified, our Safe Passage team helps clients get to their next destination safely.

Adolescent Safe Passage

We believe it is important for every adolescent to be treated with dignity and respect.
Making the decision to place your adolescent in treatment is an emotional and difficult experience.

Placing an adolescent in treatment is a difficult decision to make, but similar to safe passage for adults, trusting professionals to handle the transition is often necessary and can help make it easier.

Our safe passage for adolescents ensures a safe and secure transition from home to an identified treatment setting, helping to make the process smoother and provide peace of mind for all involved.

Mental Health Safe Passage 

Much like with adult and adolescent transport services, we work with mental health clients and their families to provide the safest possible arrangements and experience. We also coordinate with professionals and select a compatible, certified, and gender-specific sober companion for each client.

For a safe and secure transition, we handle all travel arrangements and transportation details, doing our best to manage costs. Our Personal Recovery Assistants are also able to travel to a client’s home or current location and assist them with essential preparations, then accompany them to the door of the treatment facility. Families and professionals will receive vital information throughout the process and everyone will be notified when the transition is complete.


Creating a Safe Passage Transition for yourself or a loved one struggling with mental health issues is important.

Who Benefits from Safe Passage Services?

Hired Power’s safe passage services in Huntington Beach are ideal for clients and their families who want to ensure a smooth transition into a treatment facility. Our Personal Recovery Assistants are able to travel to a client’s home or current location, assist them with essential preparations and accompany them to the door of an addiction or mental health treatment center. This service has helped to bring continuity to the experience and decrease the risk of a client’s relapse or refusal to return to the treatment setting.

Common situations where a Safe Passage can be utilized are:


      • When a client needs to return home during the course of treatment for a family situation or visitation.
      • Transportation to a treatment center from court, jail or prison following a legal issue.
      • Safe passage to treatment after a drug or alcohol intervention, especially when travel is involved.
      • When a client needs to return to treatment after a hospital stay.
      • Moving into an aftercare or extended care program after primary treatment.
In these instances, a Hired Power certified Sober Escort will arrive and provide transportation and safe passage for a client, door to door. Transitional periods have long been proven to be a time of increased risk and anxiety for both patients and their families, but this service can reduce the potential need for an additional intervention or detox as it lowers the opportunity for relapse in recovery.

Safe And Structured Transitions

Safe and Structured Transitions at Hired Power can be a combination of short-term (three to 10 days) or long-term (nine to 12 months) services that provide support to clients as they transition home and establish the change needed to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Returning to independent life from a residential treatment center can be an emotional and challenging experience. For many, leaving behind the safety and structure of full-time care reintroduces the stressors and troubles of everyday life — often, the very same ones that led an individual to use substances in the first place. It can be difficult to readjust, find one’s bearings and start moving forward, all while integrating everything learned during treatment. Combined with the pressure to stay sober, succeed and become a productive member of society, these concerns can weigh heavily on individuals in early recovery and are frequently cited as a reason for relapse.


Our Safe and Structured Transitions services are designed to provide added transitional support during this time and are highly customizable to meet each client’s needs

– Hired Power CEO Nanette Zumwalt

At Hired Power, we understand the difficulties that come with moving out of full-time treatment. Transitional services with us can be either short or long-term assistance, or a combination of both, and may include one-on-one recovery assistants, care coordination, monitoring services, recovery coaching, and safe passage. The goals of our transitional services are first to provide intensive, objective-driven support for an individual as they transition back to independent living, and then to firmly establish the lifestyle changes needed to ensure lifelong recovery and sobriety.


Contact Hired Power In Huntington Beach

 Do you or a loved one need help? Since its inception, Hired Power has been referred to by more than 350 leading treatment providers from the U.S. and abroad to provide transitional support and recovery services. This statistic validates the need for continued guidance and support during the transitional phases of early recovery.

We want to hear from you. No matter where you are or what you need, we offer a variety of services that might be right for you. Please call 800.910.9299 to speak with a recovery professional 24/7.

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