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Hired Power’s The Coach Connect is a virtual platform providing one-on-one support with a certified coach in Huntington Beach to assist in developing and implementing a balanced recovery and wellness plan.  Building independence through connection, personal interaction, and measured progress of individualized daily and weekly goals, The Coach Connect can be stand-alone or as a complement to Monitoring.



For an individual to experience success in recovery, the FOCUS must shift to building upon personal STRENGTHS. It is proven that connection improves recovery outcomes. With that in mind, Hired Power incorporated a marriage of evidence-based theories and tools for building a successful recovery and wellness plan encouraging each individual’s growth and healing.

One of the greatest tools in recovery and wellness is connection. The Coach Connect targets the individual’s social, physical, mental, and emotional growth and healing.

    • Develops a strength-based recovery and wellness plan in collaboration with the individual, certified coach, and support team, which becomes the individualized roadmap to success
    • Contains tools for daily, 24/7 engagement with the individual’s coach including multiple weekly virtual meetings
    • Aids in the tracking of daily/weekly goals and activities
    • Provides daily/weekly activities tied to the individual’s treatment plan
    • Displays pertinent resources to help the client stay on track on their journey of success

Hired Power utilizes a strength-based, compassionate, and personalized approach throughout the entire recovery process, designed to bring recovery home. The leaders in professionalizing transition services with over 20 years of experience, Hired Power holds the trust of thousands of treatment centers, professionals, clients, and their loved ones. The Coach Connect is our latest innovation designed to deliver the Hired Power standard and services to anyone, anywhere.

How The Coach Connect Works


My family being able to see my progress has been so helpful to rebuild trust

Damien R., 33, father of 2

The coach will guide the client in developing a well-balanced recovery plan which becomes the individualized roadmap to success. The Coach Connect provides tools for continuous engagement between the client and coach, all confidential.

The app conveniently aids in tracking weekly/daily goals and activities while providing relevant resources to help the client stay on track in their journey of success.

Who is The Coach Connect For? 

The Coach Connect is for anyone, adolescents to older adults, who is looking for guidance and support with:

      • Mental health and wellness
      • Addiction & substance use
      • Flexible thinking, memory, and self-control
      • Life skills
      • Compulsive behaviors

Having someone understand what is important to me and help me put together a plan that makes sense is exactly what I needed. ”

Courtney F., 21, student

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