EPIC For Families

Hired Power Family Support

Hired Power in Huntington Beach designed EPIC (education, planning, integration, and coaching) especially for multiple members of a family with the need for systemic change and willingness to engage in education and action plans. There are situations where families become out of balance and specialized and ongoing support is required to regain equilibrium.

How does EPIC work?

The Hired Power team will work to educate, plan, integrate, and coach the identified members of the family in creating the next steps in the journey to a healthier family system. Included in this service is:

    • A private, individualized, face-to-face educational workshop about family systems and barriers that can cause frustration, discourse, and pain, getting in the way of healthy interactions
    • Recommendations to engage in building skills and support.
    • 90 days of case management to increase the accountability and commitment of each individual along with their plan to wellness.

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