Addiction & Mental Health
Recovery Services

Hired Power provides a compassionate and personalized approach for the entire recovery process, designed to bring recovery home. The authority on interventions, safe passage, data-driven monitoring, Personal Recovery Assistants, case management, and coaching for individuals and families, with over 20 years of experience, Hired Power holds the trust of thousands of treatment centers, professionals, clients, and their loved ones.

Hired Power Interventions


Intervention services work with the family and loved ones to identify appropriate next steps in addressing an individual’s high risk, substance use, compulsive behaviors, and mental health-related issues. Establishing a professionally lead,well-coordinated, and executed plan prepares a client and family for a successful transition to a treatment and aftercare experience.

We work with the family before, during, and after the intervention, including placement and Personal Recovery Assistance. We offer a complete package: pre-intervention workshop, intervention, 1-day safe passage, and 15 hours of case management.

Hired Power Safe Passage

Safe Passage

Hired Power is dedicated to safely accompanying individuals transitioning between levels of care within the treatment continuum. These situations often present emotional distress and higher risk that require the guidance and support of a professional.

Clients are faced with the known risks of carrying their personal medications, passing by airport bars, and long periods of travel time and delays. Hired Power has an expert team of caring professionals that share the primary goal of providing individuals and families much-needed support and assistance during these times of transition. Gender-specific and highly qualified, our Safe Passage team helps clients get to their next destination safely.

Hired Power Monitoring


An accountability partnership of an individual’s ongoing commitment to abstinence. This service provides families, employers, and the legal system with data-driven results compiled from daily check-ins, random drug, and breathalyzer testing.

Our Professional Coaching with Monitoring Program is an excellent choice for anyone who has struggled with addiction and is concerned about their ability to stay sober on their own. The most common time to work with a recovery coach is immediately following residential or intensive treatment when the transition into independent living brings a host of uncertainties that can put recovery in jeopardy.

Hired Power Sober Companions

PRA/Sober Companion

Working with a case manager alongside the family and treatment team PRA’s (also referred to as companions) provides support, guidance, mentorship, and advocacy for individuals in early recovery from substance use disorders, compulsive behaviors, and mental health-related issues.

Personal Recovery Assistants encourage and motivate clients to become active participants in their own lives as they walk the path of recovery. By identifying moments of change, relapse triggers, barriers and the challenges of early sobriety, Personal Recovery Assistants create teachable moments that influence a client’s thoughts or behaviors as they learn to maintain their recovery in the real world.

Hired Power Case Management

Case Management

Case Managers provide expert guidance, coordination, and communication. Our Alternative Sentencing and Case Management Services include the construction of a highly individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan will be customized to your needs and will include admission to a legitimate, high-quality treatment center in your area. We will also assist in optimizing the report for your legal situation to present your case to the court with your best foot forward.

The Coach Connect App

The Coach Connect

The Coach Connect is a virtual platform offering one on one support with a certified coach who assists in developing and implementing a balanced, and personalized recovery plan. Building independence through connection, personal interaction, and measured progress of individualized daily and weekly goals, The Coach Connect can be stand-alone or as a compliment to Monitoring. We designed The Coach Connect to provide the guidance and support you need for a successful recovery without the geographic, financial, or schedule constraints!

Hired Power Family Support

EPIC For Families

EPIC (education, planning, integration, and coaching) was designed especially for multiple members of a family with the need for systemic change and willingness to engage in education and action plans. There are situations where families become out of balance and specialized and ongoing support is required to regain equilibrium.