Who Needs Hired Power?

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With over 20 years of experience and the first to professionalize transition services, we have earned the trust of thousands of professionals, clients, and their loved ones. With a focus on interventions, safe passage, data-driven monitoring, Personal Recovery Assistants, case management, and coaching for individuals and families we help our clients in Huntington Beach achieve and maintain successful recovery and fulfillment.


Situations that require a professional to manage and monitor a recovery plan:


  • Needing support during the early and transitional stages of recovery
  • Finding the appropriate treatment center for an individual’s specific needs (e.g., substance abuse, mental health, eating disorders, etc.)
  • Transitioning back into daily living after completing residential treatment
  • Struggling to successfully manage high-risk situations or environments
  • Avoiding a rebound into crisis mode with relapse prevention tools and techniques
  • Being unwilling or unable to extend a treatment stay and need alternatives to traditional methodologies
  • Needing to leave treatment for legal, medical, or familial reasons but want ongoing structure and support in recovery
  • Establishing accountability and reinforcing a commitment to life-long sobriety/recovery

Hired Power can act as the quarterback for the entire recovery plan. The case manager constantly monitors and supervises to make sure it all happens and puts the team together inside Hired Power and with the outside world to help you on your path to recovery.

Who Benefits From The Services Of A Personal Recovery Assistant?

Hired Power Sober Recovery Service

Studies indicate the longer a client is connected with the recovery process, the greater the success of lasting sobriety.

Individuals and families who have made the investment of time and resources to find solutions for substance use or mental health disorder will greatly benefit by continuing the process of recovery in the home environment. Hired Power has established a professional transitional recovery service that utilizes Personal Recovery Assistants to bridge the gaps created in traditional treatment plans, helping clients in Huntington Beach stay on track and navigate the pitfalls of early recovery as they get back to their daily lives.

Each individual is different, but our transition services can benefit clients and families with varied needs, including those who:


  • Need professional guidance and support getting an individual into detox or residential treatment center
  • Are in the early phase of recovery and can benefit from utilizing the support of a guide and mentor
  • Have a history of relapse or multiple treatment experiences and need one-on-one at-home assistance to help acclimate to a recovery lifestyle
  • Live a fast-paced, high-profile lifestyle as an entertainer, athlete, executive-level professional, CEO, doctor, or lawyer
  • Are vulnerable to career industry pitfalls such as living on the road, being on location, cocktail parties, or business travel
  • Need ongoing, supervised, and structured support throughout the recovery process
  • Have successfully transitioned into their new recovery community but can still benefit from continued monitoring

Client Confidentiality

At Hired Power, we believe client confidentiality is extremely important.

All of our services are entirely confidential. We are accustomed to working with high-profile clients and understand the importance of discretion. From social settings with friends and family to work-related events, our certified Personal Recovery Assistants support clients “behind the scenes” as they navigate challenging situations.

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