Bringing Recovery Home

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Bringing Recovery Home

Hired Power is a DYNAMIC group of recovery professionals that provide an EMPOWERING range of services in a COMPASSIONATE and HEALING environment that gives people the best opportunity for long term success and happiness.
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Hired Power is a DYNAMIC group of recovery professionals that provide a EMPOWERING range of services in a COMPASSIONATE and HEALING environment that gives people the best opportunity for long term success and happiness.

Transitional Recovery

Creating a Solid Foundation for Lasting Recovery

A treatment experience is the foundation of a lifelong journey of personal growth and recovery. Studies and experience show the continuation plan returning home is just as if not more important then the treatment experience. Everyone committing the time and resources to a treatment plan of sobriety and recovery needs to include a strategy for bringing recovery home. Successful recovery hinges on an individual’s ability to apply the information: the new skills, thoughts and ideas into their own daily living environment.

Hired Power Transitional Recovery Services, the leading professional transition services company in the nation, has been serving the addiction intervention and mental health treatment community for many years. Through innovative and vital services, Hired Power provides services that are innovative and take addiction intervention, treatment and extended care to the next step: living in recovery.

Hired Power Services provides all levels of transition including; Addiction Interventions, Safe Passage Transportation Services, or a Sober Coach, Sober Monitoring and Recovery Care Management. Hired Power is unique, we do not provide drug rehab, residential treatment, therapy or psychological services. We do, however, provide the necessary services to establish lasting recovery from alcoholism and addiction, both in the home and on the road, by supporting the high-stress high-risk transitions periods.



Personal Recovery Assistants

A client’s success with Personal Recovery Assistant Services depends not only on a good personal match with the assistant, but a solid professional match as well. We listen carefully the client’s personal life, recovery goals and objectives to find the best professional for every client.

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Recovery Care Management

Hired Powers Recovery Care Management Services provides a unique level of support for clients and families as they transition through the levels of treatment and aftercare for addiction, mental health, eating disorders or other destructive behaviors.

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Safe Passage Transports

Transitioning a client from home after an alcohol or drug addiction intervention, hospital, court or even jail to a treatment center is the highest level of acuity, and by far the most difficult for the client and their family.

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Sober Monitoring Service

Clean Sober Monitoring is a proven method of supporting sober skill development following the completion of primary substance abuse treatment. This method of creating measurable outcomes while providing accountability and documentation has been utilized for many years.

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Early and effective clean sober intervention concerning alcohol/drug abuse and addiction related issues will have a profound effect on both the situation and the individuals involved.

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Monitoring Clients

Hired Power Professional Sober Coaching with Monitoring Program: A Supplemental Service that provides added support and guidance for clients and family members during the transition into the long term step in the treatment process.

Recovery from addiction

and behavioral disorders

Recovery from addiction and behavioral disorders requires ongoing structure and support when returning to daily living. This is accomplished with a professional care team such as Hired Power. Beginning with Addiction Intervention, our services continue with the one-on-one personal guidance, support and mentoring of a Personal Recovery Assistant. Case management delivers clinical oversight and guidance while the Monitoring Program offers ongoing supervision and reportable documentation.We are a necessary service for clients dealing with substance abuse, addiction, mental health issues, and behavior disorders including:

It is understood and scientifically proven; the longer the continuum of care the more effective the outcome is, in regards to the treatment and recovery process.

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription drugs
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine/Crack
  • Heroin
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Opiate addiction
  • Marijuana
  • Eating disorders
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Gambling
  • Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues

Nanette Zumwalt


Nanette Zumwalt is the President/CEO of Hired Power and has worked in the mental health field and addiction recovery for over two decades. Under Mrs. Zumwalt’s care and leadership Hired Power has taken the pioneering role in treating addiction in adolescents, young adults and adults during the high risk and very important transition periods of long term recovery. Hired Power has established and provides professional services, with a gender specific focus, to clients and families.

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