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Mindfulness in Mental Health

mindfulness in mental health


Mindfulness in Mental HealthAre you experiencing the weight of stress and fatigue and looking to improve your mental health through a holistic approach?

In this webinar, join three industry experts as they cut through the noise on mindfulness and holistic approaches for mental health and discuss these techniques – what they are, how they can be put into practice, and what implications they can have on a person’s mental well being.


2 Critical Resources Your Business Should Be Leveraging


Hired Power Safe Passage From Here to There Webinar


2 Critical Resources Your Business Should Be LeveragingWhether you are just getting started or an existing behavioral health facility, it is imperative to leverage outside resources to ensure your business stays ahead and stays profitable. But, as Behavioral Health is a highly unique specialty that requires specialized services to match, finding the right resources takes time. In this webinar, we have brought together the very best in their industries to assist in your growth. Coronis Health offers excellent solutions for all of your medical billing needs, and Hired Power (the leaders in their field) provides support to you and your clients before, during, and after treatment.

Safe Passage: From Here to There


Hired Power Safe Passage From Here to There Webinar
Safe Passage: From Here to There At Hired Power, it is the cornerstone of our mission to meet our clients where they are, and as experts in the field of addiction and mental health recovery, we know providing safe passage can often be the determining factor of getting an individual to or from the desired destination safely. In this video, join Hired Power’s own Nanette Zumwalt as well as In Balance Continuum of Care’s Patrick Barrasso, and therapeutic educational consultant Carson Parker to share their extensive experience and expertise on the importance of safe passage, the difference in clients who utilize this service, and the many benefits that it can offer those seeking treatment.

Making Peace with Food


Technology addiction webinar graphic
Making Peace with Food  In this educational webinar, COO of Hired Power, Deidre Fitzpatrick and CEO of The Anchor Program, Carolyn Coker Ross, MD, have an in-depth conversation on how to silence the noise of diet culture and cultivate a positive relationship with food, diet, and weight.

Unplug to Reconnect


Technology addiction webinar graphic
Unplug to Reconnect  While the many devices we carry with us day to day may serve as valuable tools to our everyday life, compulsive overuse can interfere with our work, school, and even our relationships. With many finding it difficult to stop themselves from repetitively scrolling and checking notifications, it may be time to reassess technology use. In this webinar, our very own president and CEO, Nanette Zumwalt, joins Dr. Don Grant, Executive Director of Outpatient Services at Newport Healthcare to educate us on the very present threat of process addictions, such as the addiction many see to their technology.

Suicide: Are You or a Loved One at Risk?


graphic for webinar about tips for a healthy family holiday in Huntington Beach, CA
Suicide: Are You or a Loved One at Risk? – The World Health Organization has estimated that approximately 1 million people die from suicide each year – the equivalent of one death every 40 seconds. In the United States alone, suicide claims nearly 45,000 lives each year, making it the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S, and the second leading cause of death of 15 – 29-year-olds. In this webinar, join our very own director of client services, Brandi Bradbury, as well as Shannon Decker, Executive Director & Co-Founder at The Speedy Foundation, as they educate us on suicide’s causes, warning signs, and provide us with the tools needed to help save a life.

A Family’s Journey to Recovery


graphic for webinar about tips for a healthy family holiday in Huntington Beach, CA
A Family’s Journey to Recovery Between festive decorations throughout town, media outlets portraying perfect families laughing and smiling, and the many holiday parties to come, this season can be particularly challenging for those in mental health and addiction recovery. In this webinar, Hired Power welcomes Adam Smith and his mother Terry Smith for an inside look at navigating the complex dynamics of family, the holidays, and addiction.

Celebrating a Life of Recovery


Celebrating a Life of Recovery – In honor of Sober October, Hired Power is excited to welcome Harold Owens and Kevin Chapman to discuss what long-term sobriety looks like and the road to obtaining it.
This webinar gives us an inside look at what sobriety looks like in the entertainment industry and beyond. As seen on “Person of Interest,” “Brotherhood,” “The Boondock Saints,” and many more, Kevin Chapman has made his mark in the film and television world. What many might not know, however, is that while cultivating, Chapman was also beginning his road to sobriety.

The Hidden Epidemic


The Hidden Epidemic – In recent years, the rise in overdose deaths has less to do with increases in the rate of addiction and more to do with exposure to fentanyl and other synthetic opioids. Why is that? Interestingly, many people who died from an overdose were never addicts. They simply did not know that their drugs contained fentanyl, how harmful this substance can be, and/or what to do in a fentanyl-induced emergency. In this educational webinar, Deidre Fitzpatrick and Dr. Mario San Bartolomé will provide the most up-to-date facts regarding fentanyl and synthetic opioids as well as discuss how harm reduction and prevention techniques can aid in this ever-growing hidden epidemic. Furthermore, they will share how people can easily test drugs for fentanyl and how to reverse its effects if someone is overdosing.

Not Your 1980’s Marijuana


Not Your 1980’s Marijuana – What are the facts about the marijuana of today? We know it contains over 100 potentially psychoactive ingredients, and only a few of them have ever been studied. So, what is the risk or reward when it comes to our youth and young adult population? Many people assume treatment programs hold a rigid line on total abstinence, yet there is a lot of gray area. In this webinar, clinical psychiatrist & Medical Director at Yellowbrick, Dr. David Baron presents the latest medical and scientific research, and Director of Client Services at Hired Power, Brandi Bradbury presents case studies as well as what treatment providers, parents and the community at large need to know to gain confidence and understanding.

The Family Dance of Addiction


The Family Dance of Addiction – Hired Power CEO Nanette Zumwalt is joined by Dr. Brad Reedy, Co-owner and Clinical Director of Evoke Therapy Programs, to discuss the interplay between codependency and addiction. Together, Nanette and Dr. Reedy explore the myth of cause-and-effect when it comes to our relationship with those we love, the ways in which we inadvertently reinforce dynamics that we don’t want to see continue, and how attachment wounds and patterns from childhood often provide faulty templates for current relationships. At the end of this webinar, Dr. Reedy and Nanette answer questions from our live webinar audience.

Building an Accountability Partnership to Support Recovery


Building an Accountability Partnership to Support Recovery – In this webinar, Hired Power Recovery Case Manager Laura Crossett is joined by Jacob Forsyth, Executive Director of Willow Tree Recovery, to discuss options to build an accountability partnership, trust, and support system for clients and families. Laura and Jacob also share their unique perspectives and personal success stories on how an accountability partnership (monitoring program) impacted their lives, supported their personal goals of success and led them to the lives they have today. At the end of this webinar, Laura and Jacob answer questions from our live webinar audience.

The Truth Behind Interventions


The Truth Behind Interventions – In this webinar, Hired Power President and CEO Nanette Zumwalt joins interventionist and psychotherapist Brad Warner, as well as interventionist and certified drug & alcohol counselor Lee Fitzgerald, to debunk common myths about interventions. At the end of this webinar, Nanette, Brad, and Lee answer any questions that the webinar audience has about interventions.