A Letter From The President  


Thank you for visiting the Hired Power website. I am both proud and excited for you to review the services Hired Power has to offer clients and families struggling with the loneliness, isolation, and destruction of addiction and mental health-related issues. Not only as a nation but as a world we are faced with the life-threatening epidemic of addiction.

This disease, of epidemic proportions, reaches families of all social and economic profiles; race, creed, and color are affected. Together in an effort to decrease the impact of this disease for future generations, we can create awareness through educational resources, treatment experiences, and transitional services. Learning to live an active lifestyle of sobriety and recovery is essential to breaking the current epidemic and the cycle it can create for our children and their children.

Hired Power provides our clients and families with the tools necessary to achieve a lifestyle of sobriety and recovery. We have established these services with the highest standards of quality service and professional ethics. All of our efforts support one goal- to provide clients and families with the necessary education, resources, and services to be successful in long-term recovery.

We are excited about the future of our services and are looking forward to establishing long-lasting and successful relationships with our peers in the mental health and addiction recovery profession. We trust that together, as a united team working toward the goal of long-term recovery for those who need us, we will make a difference in the health and well-being of our world. We are grateful for each new day that we are allowed to participate in the life of someone’s recovery and for the dedicated and committed professionals and families who give from their hearts and trust us to come alongside them during these critical life transitions.

As we look to the future, we believe our core values, excellent customer service, and high professional standards will be essential to our clients’ continued success.

With Hope and Promise!

Nanette Zumwalt ICADC, ICCJP, CIP, CAI
Hired Power Transitional Recovery Services