Eliana Liss, CRS

Monitoring Services Supervisor

Eliana Liss, CRS, is a Certified Recovery Specialist in both mental health and addiction recovery. Eliana joined the Hired Power team in 2021, and offers 10 years of experience working closely with individuals recovering from mental health and addiction. In addition to direct client care, she offers extensive experience with customer service, administrative management, independent research, crisis management, and problem-solving. Her professional roles have ranged from Human Resources Manager to Personal Recovery Specialist.

Eliana is committed to providing the highest quality of care. She has dedicated her life to working with individuals who require additional support in their recovery journeys. She possesses the unique ability to engage people in recovery through vulnerability and encourages them to find their individual connection to a new and fulfilling way of life. She often applies mindfulness and meditative practices to her work, offering a calming presence. With passion and drive, Eliana brings healing and transformation to many individuals who desire sobriety and wellness, and goes above and beyond to do so.