Marni Luther

Intake Director

Marni Luther joined the Hired Power team as the Intake Manager in 2018. Being the first point of contact for potential clients and families is the perfect place for Marni with over 30 years of experience in the behavioral health and addiction field. Marni brings a depth of expertise, understanding, and compassion that allows families to trust and engage in the services being recommended to actively begin and maintain the recovery process.

Marni began her career in the healthcare service industry working at a local inpatient psychiatric and addiction treatment hospital in 1988. She continued her passion for working with clients and families facing the pain and destruction related to addiction and mental health representing many of the nation’s top treatment programs. In 2012 Marni transferred her focus from direct client and family support services to indirect resources in the medical software industry. Marni worked in the behavioral health EHR (electronic health record) solutions division of several organizations before being drawn back to her true calling of serving families.

Marni’s personal commitment began at an early age as the youngest member of a family that faced the pain and struggles related to addiction and mental health in their own home. These early influences allowed for her personal commitment to providing reality based solutions. Marni currently resides in Orange County CA with her husband and daughter. With both of her sons now UCLA graduates and her daughter in her high school years, Marni is excited to continually bring her energy, expertise and passion to the Hired Power team and recovery community.