Tiffany Neibaur

Monitoring Case Manager and Business Development

Tiffany Neibaur is the Monitoring Services Supervisor and Business Development Representative for Hired Power. Drawing from an impressive background of 25 years in the behavioral health field, Tiffany brings her deep-rooted passion for assisting clients and families to her current position, allowing her to flourish in an environment she truly understands.

Tiffany’s innate ability to connect with others through empathy and compassion sets her apart. She takes genuine delight in listening to each individual’s unique story and empowering them to overcome obstacles on their journey to success.

Tiffany’s professional trajectory began in 1998 as a direct care staff member in residential treatment. Over time, she climbed the ranks and assumed the vital role of Program Director, a position she expertly fulfilled for an impressive 17 years. Throughout her career, she has been a natural connector, forging strong relationships with various programs and referral sources as a skilled business development professional.

With her diverse skill set, Tiffany brings a wealth of experience in direct client care services, employee management, recruitment, marketing events, outreach, admissions, community partnerships, training, and database management. She thrives on challenges and remains composed even in the face of crises, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

In essence, Tiffany Neibaur’s unwavering commitment to supporting others and her unwavering dedication to her craft make her an ideal fit for Hired Power. Her extensive experience and innate ability to connect with individuals will undoubtedly contribute to the company’s continued growth and success.

Tiffany grew up in Southern Utah,  where she currently resides with her husband and three daughter’s. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, house projects, sporting events, and spending time with friends and family.