Faith Abercrombie

Norton Smith Hired Power

Business Development

Faith Abercrombie is a valued member of the Hired Power team, having joined as a business development professional in 2023. With a profound dedication to building relationships within the behavioral health community, Faith finds immense fulfillment in directly supporting clients and their families.

Her background as a journalist has equipped her with a wealth of compassion, empathy, and understanding, which she seamlessly integrates into her work. During her tenure as a television news reporter for Arizona PBS and the ABC affiliate in Tucson, Arizona, Faith consistently intertwined her passion for mental health and addiction recovery into her reporting.

Faith’s career has been marked by a commitment to amplifying the voices of families affected by mental health and addiction challenges. From covering the opioid epidemic to addressing the surge in eating disorder cases during the COVID-19 pandemic, she has tirelessly advocated for those in need.

Originally from Sacramento, CA, Faith spent her reporting career in Arizona before relocating to San Diego, CA, where she currently resides. Motivated by her genuine desire to connect individuals with vital resources in the mental health space, Faith is eager to expand the reach of the Hired Power team.

For inquiries or to connect with Faith, please reach out via email at or call/text (619) 221-3291.