Drug and Alcohol Interventions

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It can be heartbreaking to watch a loved one deteriorate because they won’t accept assistance or treatment. But simply waiting for someone to realize that they are addicted to drugs or alcohol is not your only option. If you’re dealing with a scenario like this in Huntington Beach, you should take action with an intervention. Early and effective intervention for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction will have a profound effect on both the situation and the individuals involved.

Why Stage an Intervention?

Early diagnosis and immediate treatment for any chronic progressive disease increase the chances of successful recovery. Drug and alcohol addiction is no different. Just like chronic physical diseases, these illnesses require care and medical attention to heal as well as lifelong management and healthy habits. Allowing addiction to persist untreated can have serious mental and physical effects, and can even be fatal. Unfortunately, barriers to treatment remain — in particular, it can be difficult or impossible for someone to realize or admit that they are in need of help.

Addiction and substance abuse reach a point where enough is enough, and the impacts that drugs or alcohol are having on an individual and their loved ones have gone beyond acceptable. In some cases, there is a triggering event like an arrest or a trip to the emergency room. But it is a misconception that you have to wait for someone to hit rock bottom or that an individual has to ask for help. In fact, the sooner you encourage someone to seek treatment, the better — as soon as you start to feel as though their behavior exceeds appropriate boundaries, you should let them know that you are worried about them.To learn more about when to stage an intervention, please read our blog here

A drug or alcohol addiction intervention can be the best way to express your concern and ensure there is a productive outcome. Hired Power in Huntington Beach, CA has 20 years of experience in interventions. We work with the client before, during, and after the intervention, including placement and a Personal Recovery Assistant. We offer a complete package that includes a pre-intervention workshop, intervention, 1-day safe passage, and 15 hours of case management. By bringing families and loved ones together to provide support, you can help your loved one escape the trap of addiction in a safe, empowering space. Interventions also help those around an affected individual to set positive boundaries and agree on ways to handle the situation as a unified front.

What Will a Drug and Alcohol Intervention Do?

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An intervention is meant to be an outpouring of love and support with a heartfelt discussion about how an individual’s addiction is affecting his or her life and the lives of their loved ones. Above all, it is an opportunity for family and friends to express that they care about someone struggling with addiction and that they want to see them take steps to heal.

Approaching the situation with a level head and a clear plan means you can offer someone a solution for their substance abuse rather than simply call attention to the problem. Professional interventions are one of the best ways to handle an emotional situation while staying organized and focused. With the help of someone who knows the best course of action, you can break the cycle of denial and help your loved ones get the treatment they need.

Seek Professional Help For An Addiction Intervention

Your specialist will work with you to understand the situation and come up with an individualized plan that accounts for you and your loved ones’ unique position. You will talk through the best ways to keep your friends and family organized so that everyone understands appropriate boundaries and the best ways to be supportive. You will also discuss logistical elements such as locations, times, and attendees that won’t cause confusion or resentment. Hired Power can also discuss appropriate language and topics to ensure that the intervention is a positive experience for everyone. If necessary, a professional can be present at your intervention to serve as a mediator and keep the conversation on track.

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Contact Hired Power

If you know someone struggling with addiction, there is no reason to hesitate to get help. Contact Hired Power at 800.910.9299 and speak with our recovery and intervention professionals 24/7— we can help you find out if an intervention is right for them.

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