Eating Disorder Interventions

stock image of a mom speaking with her daughter about eating disorder interventions in Huntington Beach

Confronting someone with disordered eating can be distressing for both sides, so it should not be taken lightly. And, treating an eating disorder is no simple matter, so it’s best to address the problem once you already have a solution in place. Hired Power in Huntington Beach, CA is a compassionate and personalized approach for the intervention process, designed to Bring Recovery Home. With over 20 years of experience and full-service recovery support for clients and families, we can help our clients achieve and maintain successful recovery and fulfillment.


Trusted Experts in Eating Disorder Interventions

Hired Power knows what works and what doesn’t. We work with the client and their family before, during, and after the intervention, including placement and a Personal Recovery Assistant. We offer a complete package that includes a pre-intervention workshop, intervention, 1-day safe passage, and 15 hours of case management.

Hired Power is a member of the International Eating Disorder Professionals Organization. We have established working relationships with eating disorder treatment centers and professionals across the country providing our clients with a high level of treatment recommendations and resources. If you choose an intervention with one of the members of our staff, you can feel confident that our recommendations for treatment will be high-quality facilities with the services and amenities you or your loved one needs.

Disordered eating takes many forms. You’ve likely heard of common eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, but there are many ways in which a person may develop an unhealthy relationship with food or eating that can cause serious harm. Eating disorders are particularly problematic because they take a toll on the mind and body; they are diagnosable mental health disorders, yet they can result in a variety of physical illnesses like malnutrition, tooth decay, or kidney disease. Someone struggling with an eating disorder is at risk for experiencing a host of life-altering problems from anxiety to organ failure — an eating disorder is not a concern to take lightly or ignore in the hopes that it will pass on its own.

What Will an Eating Disorder Intervention Do?

stock image of a mom speaking with her daughter about eating disorder interventions in Huntington Beach, CA

The key to a successful eating disorder intervention is planning, preparation, and professional experience. The first step is to organize a team of family members and friends with a common goal and technique. This creates a solid support system that raises the client up from their “rock bottom.” It also establishes healthy boundaries for families and loved ones to live by — as a unified front, everyone can be on the same page about how to best be helpful productively and constructively. These strategies allow for success that often has been impossible in the past.

The next step is to work with a recovery professional to learn about the kind of treatment that might be available to you. Then, when the intervention occurs, you can talk about real recovery options that offer a concrete solution to the problem of an eating disorder. Offering an action step helps make an eating disorder feel less overwhelming, so the affected person can feel empowered to take control of their illness.

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Eating disorders lead to loneliness, isolation and withdrawal from family, friends and even work. As the disease progresses, waiting for treatment is destructive and even life-threatening. In addition, much like drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders affect the entire family as well as the individual. It can be beneficial for family members to join together, giving them a place to discuss their own trials and worries as their loved one goes through such a difficult time. An intervention can help the affected individual get the care they need to save their life, and it can also ensure that recovery is sustainable by bringing a community together to help each other heal. If you know someone struggling with disordered eating, there is no reason to hesitate to get help. Contact Hired Power in Huntington Beach at 800.585.5816 and speak with our recovery and intervention professionals 24/7 — we can help you find out if an intervention is right for them.