Executive Interventions

Hired Power Safe Passage

Workplace addictions can seriously undermine performance, productivity, and ultimately the business environment. An executive intervention will address issues such as:

  • Absenteeism
  • Loss of productivity, poor performance
  • Deteriorating relationships with coworkers and clients
  • Effects to the organization and bottom line

 Organizing An Executive Intervention

If the professional is a lawyer, doctor, dentist or other licensed professional these issues can affect the future of their career. What if they are a senior-level executive responsible for multi-million-dollar deals, investments, or other people’s future? Executive interventions approached with dignity and respect can have both a profound and positive effect on the situation and the individuals involved.

Hired Power in Huntington Beach works with the client during, and after the intervention, including placement and a Personal Recovery Assistant. We offer a complete package that includes a pre-intervention workshop, intervention, 1-day safe passage, and 15 hours of case management.

Contact Hired Power In Huntington BEach

If an employee or co-worker might be struggling with addiction, there is no reason to hesitate to get help. Contact Hired Power at 800.585.5816 and speak with our recovery and intervention professionals 24/7 — we can help you find out if an intervention is right for your workplace.