Mental health crisis interventions

mental health interventions

Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, grandiose or delusional thinking, and suicidal ideation are growing at an alarming rate, particularly among younger generations. These concerns can be difficult to address and overcome on your own, but the caring, compassionate intervention experts at Hired Power can help. Our mental health crisis intervention services guide struggling individuals and their loved ones in creating an effective, actionable plan for lifelong recovery.

With over 1,000 interventions completed and a 98% rate of success, the certified interventionists at Hired Power can help you, your family members, and your loved ones find a pathway to follow throughout the healing journey.



Signs your loved one is in mental health crisis

Identifying a mental health crisis can be difficult, as symptoms can be subtle or hard to understand. However, it is the first step towards beginning the healing journey towards recovery. Early signs of a mental health crisis may manifest in behavioral, emotional, or cognitive changes, such as:


  • Declining personal hygiene
  • Rapid mood swings
  • Self-harm or talk of suicide
  • Easily agitated
  • Self-isolating from loved ones
  • Avoiding regular duties like school, work, or childcare
  • Seeming confused or disconnected
  • Impulsive or reckless behavior
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Manic behaviors
  • Irrational or delusional thinking
  • Noncompliance with prescribed medications
  • Missing appointments or refusing to see a mental health professional
  • Using substances such as marijuana, stimulants, or other drugs

Early intervention for mental health crises can make a dramatic impact. If you notice multiple signs of struggle, your loved one may require a mental health crisis intervention plan.

Mental health crisis intervention process with Hired Power

mental health crisis interventions

Our mental health intervention program begins with a confidential assessment with one of our intervention specialists to understand your unique situation and needs. Once we have determined who will participate in the professionally guided intervention, we host a preparation workshop to develop a script and hold a rehearsal to ensure everyone understands their role.

At Hired Power, our goal is to allow individuals and their families to begin the healing process with professional assistance. A mental health crisis intervention is an opportunity for participants to learn how to act and communicate in healthier ways, as well as create the change necessary for a fulfilled life.

The intervention is a healing process and a loving gathering of friends and family to show support, but the recovery journey doesn’t end here. If the struggling individual chooses to follow the recovery plan, Hired Power can arrange appropriate treatment options, safe passage transportation, and supportive aftercare services such as sober companions and monitoring programs for a seamless flow from treatment to at-home recovery.


Why choose Hired Power for mental health interventions

Hired Power is a national addiction and mental health recovery service led by experts who understand how to support you and your loved one with compassion and integrity. Our certified counselors and intervention specialists are trained in various crisis intervention techniques for mental health and provide ongoing guidance, starting with your first phone call and continuing throughout the healing journey. No matter where you are in the world, we can help you plan a mental health crisis intervention and find the care your loved one needs to maintain lifelong recovery.

Contact us today to speak with an intervention specialist and learn more about how our mental health intervention services can benefit your struggling loved one.