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Personal Recovery Assistants in Huntington Beach are sober companions that serve as a guide, mentor, support, and advocate, encouraging and motivating clients to become active participants in their own lives as they walk the path of recovery. By identifying moments of change, relapse triggers, barriers, and the challenges of early sobriety, Personal Recovery Assistants create teachable moments that influence clients’ thoughts or behaviors as they learn to maintain their recovery in the real world.

Hired Power is a compassionate and personalized approach for the entire recovery process, designed to Bring Recovery Home. With over 20 years of experience in personal recovery assistance and full-service recovery support for clients and families, we can help our clients achieve and maintain successful recovery and fulfillment.

What is a Personal Recovery Assistant?

Personal Recovery Assistants, also known as sober companions, work with clients and their families to establish a daily living plan for continued sobriety and lasting recovery. From attending designated meetings, returning to work or school, and establishing a healthy daily routine, our Personal Recovery Assistants are there to help clients build a strong foundation for lasting sobriety. At Hired Power, our PRAs guide, support, and mentor clients, assisting them as they apply the information first learned in treatment into their new sober lifestyles. Our Personal Recovery Assistants are encouraging and motivating, positively reinforcing healthy choices to build each client’s confidence in their ability to maintain long-lasting recovery. By leading clients to become active participants in their own lives, our PRAs teach them how to thrive in recovery and get the most out of each experience.


Your kindness and genuine concern deeply touched my soul and we are all grateful our paths crossed when they did.

– Client, California

At Hired Power, we have developed a team approach to support you or your loved one with these difficult changes. Depending on individual needs, we offer Certified Recovery Specialists and Personal Recovery Assistants (PRAs) or sober companions who work one-on-one with each client to implement healthy changes as they transition back to independent living. Our professionals also collaborate with treatment coordinators to ensure a smooth transition into daily living from full-time care. Clients will be supported as they venture into early recovery, with PRAs providing a customized roadmap and serving as a personalized guide throughout the transitional process. From navigating social situations and establishing a healthy routine to attending therapy sessions and medical appointments, our team of professionals is there to provide discreet, one-on-one, in-home support and guidance for a successful long-term recovery.

The key to successful relationships between clients and their sober companions is built on mutual trust, respect, and support. This is how we create a solid foundation for lasting recovery — and an enhanced quality of life

 Hired Power’s Personal Recovery Assistants Expertise

As a pioneer in the field and the leading Personal Recovery Assistant service provider, Hired Power receives most of its clients through referrals by community professionals, treatment centers, and recovery alumni. We have earned this level of national regard with 2 decades of proven professional experience and continue to be the standard of excellence to which other providers are held. Our success with clients and their Personal Recovery Assistants depends on ensuring both a good professional and personal match. We take the time to establish each client’s needs, situation, and recovery goals, utilizing comprehensive assessments to find the best professional for each individual. We also collaborate with clients, clinicians, and family members to provide a good fit and the right level of support.


Too often, individuals and families fail to complete the transition from addiction to long term recovery. It is not uncommon for an individual to seek treatment, entering program after program, only to return home to old patterns and behaviors leading to relapse in a short amount of time.

– Nanette Zumwalt, CEO Hired Power

Specific goals are created for each client based on their individual assessment. Each client is different, but Individualized goals may include long-term support and case management, court or child custody issues, travel-related issues involving employment, professional and family trips, and public relations. There are also some common goals that we have established through our decade of experience, including an effective transition from treatment to a daily recovery lifestyle and establishing community-based resources like clinical support and fellowship.

Is a Personal Recovery Assistant Right for Me?

Not everyone who goes through recovery treatment for substance abuse will need this level of constant companionship following rehabilitation. PRA services are best for those clients who need continuing support as they return to independent living. Ideal clients include those who have a history of relapse and are seeking a way to break the cycle, are easing back into a demanding job or family life or have extenuating circumstances that require professional coordination.

Typical needs for Hired Power’s Personal Recovery Assistants services are:

  • Clients who need additional support as they prepare to transition between treatment settings (travel support and rehab transport)
  • Clients who need safe passage as they transition between primary and extended care treatment settings
  • Clients who need to leave the treatment setting due to court or family issues
  • Clients who need added structure and support while attending an outpatient program
  • Clients who have been in recovery for a period of time and desire to further their recovery process
  • Clients who are experiencing ongoing legal issues
Interventions Hired Power

Hired Power provides recovery support services in Huntington Beach with the aim to assist individuals as they leave behind a life of substance abuse and addiction. We know that adjusting to a new, sober and healthy life takes time and guidance, and for many, a set number of days in a treatment facility is not enough to ensure a recovery that lasts a lifetime. Our services bridge the gap between full-time treatment and independent life to ensure that early recovery sets a strong foundation.

We particularly specialize in providing recovery support for individuals with demanding professional lives. In the sports and entertainment industries, we support clients, agents, and managers in getting the specialized support and guidance they need in a high-energy and high-profile lifestyle. In the business and executive arena, we are utilized by board members, CEOs, employers, and employee assistance programs to successfully implement the identified transition plan of returning to work. 

Where Personal Recovery Assistants Fit Into Your Care

Hired Power offers a variety of similar sober companion services designed for specific clients. Our personal recovery assistants are intended to serve as day-to-day companions, while our safe passage services that target care transitions. We also provide other types of recovery care management, including:


Transitional Support Timelines


The first week after completing a recovery program and being discharged from a treatment setting is a high-risk period for relapse in early recovery. The stress of moving, especially back to a place like a family home that comes with difficult or emotionally-charged memories of days before treatment, can be hard on an individual. Additionally, some people find themselves at home and alone for the first time in many months after returning from treatment. Those first few days might be the first time in years that an individual has needed to attend to mundane tasks while sober.

Our short-term support options such as personal recovery assistants are intended to ease some of these worries in a three to 10-day time frame after discharge from a residential or inpatient recovery program. These services may include:

  • Full-time, one-on-one sober companionship
  • Assistance with transportation home
  • Care coordination with new providers
  • Initiating implementation of recovery skills


    Transitional support can extend beyond the physical transition out of a treatment center. Navigating the psychological adjustment of leading an independent, sober life is a process that takes months or years to acclimate to, and often a limited time in a residential program is not enough to fully learn the necessary skills for lasting recovery. Long-term transitional support can come in many forms, but the objective is to guide individuals in recovery as they slowly become accustomed to living independently without relying on drugs or alcohol.

    Hired Power offers a variety of long-term transitional support services that are typically utilized for nine to 12 months after leaving treatment, though our timelines are flexible based on clients’ needs. Long-term recovery transition support services may include:

    • Recovery care management/care coordination
    • Sober coaching
    • Professional coaching
    • Sober monitoring

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    If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction and in need of guidance, or is in recovery and is seeking professional direction and oversight, Hired Power is here to help. We know that navigating the world of recovery can feel overwhelming and confusing, and the responsibility of ensuring that the right care is received and is effective is often a burden on an individual or their family members. Let us remove this burden and allow you to focus on your healing — call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about what we do. Our helpful staff is available 24/7- contact us today at 800.585.5816.