When your loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, it can be challenging to know the most effective way to help them see the situation and accept help. Luckily, Hired Power is here to help with a professionally guided healing process that creates a space for relationship dynamics to act and communicate differently known as Intervention. Interventions are often a catalyst to create the change necessary for a healthy and purpose-filled life.

Planning an intervention should be handled by a professional with care and consideration. There is a strategy for preparing an effective intervention that helps spur healthy change. Take a look at these five intervention tips from our intervention specialists.


Choose Participants Carefully

When you begin preparing for an intervention, your interventionist will help guide you through the process of choosing participants. You will likely want to include a few select friends and family to participate in the intervention. However, limit the number of people you choose and select participants that will have an understanding and loving attitude. Close friends, relatives, or coworkers are usually the best options. When choosing participants, it is also wise to consider each individual’s personality and emotional state. An intervention should be a loving and supportive process focusing on shared solutions, not filled with name-calling, anger, and hurtful accusations. Make sure each participant understands the intentions of the intervention and can stay calm and focused during the process.


Prepare for Your Intervention

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One of the most important strategies when thinking about an intervention is identifying a professionally trained and certified interventionist and working with them through the planning process. A lot goes into preparing an effective intervention, including setting a day, time, location and planning the overall structure. It is important to involve a professional to help with details such as where people will sit, speaking order, and even thinking through different actions and reactions to help keep the discussion calm and focused. As part of the preparation stage, your interventionist will help guide you through writing honest impact statements free from personal attacks. Once details and statements are prepared, participants should have a rehearsal with a trained interventionist to ensure they are confident and on the same page. It is important to remember that interventions require much planning, and it is necessary to ensure all of the details are planned by a trained intervention professional to ensure success.

Hired Power has intervention specialists who guide friends and family members through planning and preparation. Our experts take the time to learn about the unique circumstance and person the intervention is designed for to ensure the best approach is utilized for a positive outcome. We treat every participant with dignity during the process and we will not bully anyone into a recovery plan. You do not have to go through the process alone; Hired Power can help.


Time it Right

Timing is critical in the intervention process and can significantly impact the outcome. It is vital to choose a time when the individual is sober and can think and listen with a clear mind. In the case of an individual struggling with substance abuse, try to choose a time when they are not seeking the substance because they can be unfocused or aggressive or after the substance was consumed because they may be impaired.

Your certified interventionist can help you go through your loved one’s routine and schedule to find an ideal time to start the healing process. At Hired Power, we can prepare an intervention in as little as one hour if necessary to accommodate your specific circumstances. 


Keep it Positive

It is important to remember an intervention is not a personal attack or chance to list grievances, but rather a safe space for healthy communication. It should be a supportive, loving, and empowering process that creates the change necessary for your loved one to choose recovery and help. Having participants read personal statements during the intervention can be an eye-opening experience if handled correctly. Make sure that participants express honest emotions about the situation and also state support and encouragement. Your professionally certified interventionist will guide the process and keep the discussion on facts and shared solutions instead of arguments. It is essential for your loved one to feel supported, especially if they choose recovery.  

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Most Importantly, Get Support

It can be a considerable undertaking to research and plan an intervention for your loved one. Hired Power can help with every step from the initial phone call to recovery services. Hired Power is an addiction and mental health recovery service that leverages compassionate and personalized care to bring recovery home. Our team of intervention experts works closely with friends and family members to ensure an intervention is the appropriate action. From your initial call to a custom recovery plan, Hired Power is here to educate and guide individuals on the path to recovery and fulfillment. We help people all over the world take this critical step toward healing and restoration. We have a team of board-registered intervention professionals, certified alcohol and drug counselors, and members of the Association of Intervention Specialists trained in different intervention models.

There is always hope for healing, and Hired Power can support you and your loved one through intervention and recovery. Contact us to learn more about professionally guided interventions and our recovery services.