Alcohol addiction is a serious issue that can significantly impact a person’s physical and mental health, relationships, and finances. Fortunately, with the right support and a path to recovery, quitting alcohol and beginning the healing process is possible.


If someone in your life struggles with alcohol use, there are many strategies, tools, and resources you can utilize to help address the concern. Here are some effective steps you can take to create change and foster lasting recovery from alcohol addiction.


What to say to a person with alcohol addiction who refuses to get treatment


Family and friends can play a crucial role in helping a loved one with alcohol addiction get the help they need to have a fulfilled life. In such a delicate situation, you may wonder how to help someone with alcohol addiction who doesn’t want help. As you navigate challenging situations with loved ones who refuse to get treatment, you can:


  • Seek medical care: If your loved one is in denial or refusing to seek treatment for alcohol use disorder, you may suggest scheduling a routine physical exam with a doctor. A medical professional can provide clear physical and mental markers and be an eye-opening experience for someone struggling with alcohol use disorder.
  • Offer support: Even if your loved one is refusing treatment, it is critical to remain supportive without confrontation, guilt, or aggressive language. You want to show your loved one with alcohol addiction that you are non-judgmental of their circumstances but deeply care about their well-being and quality of life.
  • Encourage: While you do not want to enable a person with alcohol addiction, you can encourage individuals to seek care and let them know that you will be a constant and consistent support throughout their healing process. Your loved one may have chosen not to start their recovery journey when you wanted, but it does not mean they will not recover one day. Unwavering support, healthy boundaries, and encouragement can have a profound impact as your loved one makes hard decisions.
how to get an alcoholic to get help

How to get a person with alcohol addiction to get help


Professionally guided interventions help people with alcohol addiction find help and accept treatment. Many individuals struggling with alcohol consumption do not seek help independently, and friends or family members often feel they lack the resources and knowledge to successfully plan and execute an intervention.


An intervention is a healing process that helps loved ones communicate differently and have honest, open conversations about the impacts of alcoholism. Professional interventionists can provide structure and guidance before, during, and after an intervention. There are many components to a successful intervention, and a highly trained and educated interventionist can help friends and family prepare for the meeting, create a recovery plan, and determine appropriate follow-up care.


While many people want their loved ones to accept help, that is not the only goal of an intervention. Recovery is a healing process, and with a professionally guided intervention, you can provide your loved one with the opportunity to create the changes necessary to live a healthy and stable life.


Help your loved one recover from alcohol addiction through Hired Power


Hired Power is an addiction and mental health recovery service that customizes the recovery process to help individuals struggling with alcohol use disorder return home and have a fulfilled life with friends and family. Our trusted team offers a personalized and compassionate approach to healing with services such as:


  • Safe passage: Hired Power can safely transport your loved ones between stages of care across the country and internationally. The professionals at Hired Power help minimize the anxiety of travel and schedule all arrangements, treatment transitions, and other details for a seamless continuum of care.
  • Sober companion: A sober companion or sober coach, often called a personal recovery assistant (PRA), serves as a mentor and support system for people recovering from alcohol addiction as they learn how to apply their recovery strategies in the real world. A PRA helps individuals navigate challenges, identify barriers and triggers, and sustain sobriety.


Hired Power is a leader in family-centered recovery and professional transitioning services. With more than 20 years of experience providing addiction and mental health recovery services throughout the country, our certified interventionists and compassionate professionals have the expertise needed to help create lasting change. Contact us to talk to a professional interventionist and learn more about individualized recovery services that can help your loved one heal.