The reasons a person chooses to get sober are very personal and individual. Alcohol and drugs can become part of a person’s identity which is hard to release, in exchange for recovering the person that existed before addiction began. Life can feel like a juggling act but in the fog of addiction, it is hard to see what is real. Find out the reasons a person is afraid to get sober and how to be supportive on the journey to recovery.

Afraid of Hating Sobriety

Fear of the unknown can keep people from seeking sobriety. Change is painful and scary. Many people believe sobriety is not going to be fun. Sobriety seems lame and ridiculous and to be avoided. Negative self talk about sobriety can skew perceptions of the reality sobriety brings including positive change and a better life waiting on the other side.

Afraid of Failure

Sobriety is extremely daunting to most people. Making mistakes is part of the process and it is not realistic to expect anything less. It is not possible to fail at sobriety, it is only possible to keep trying and growing, thereby learning in the process.

Afraid of a Boring Life

Alcoholism and drug addiction may convince a person being high or drunk is better than the alternative. The common misperception perpetuates myths about sobriety and keeps individuals from seeking much needed help.

Afraid of Reality

Alcohol and drugs can become part of a person’s identity, deeply imbedded into every area of life. When alcohol and drugs become this integral, it is scary to consider what life is like without a veil hiding the person behind.

Afraid of Pain

Avoidance of pain can only bring more struggle and trauma. Feeling pain is not ideal for individuals in active addiction who are afraid to feel everything that has been suppressed by substances. Numbing a person’s feelings can keep individuals locked into addiction for a long period of time, to hide from dealing with the underlying issues which caused addiction.

Living in Denial

Denial and justifications are used to keep using substances which make the cycle of addiction worse over time. It also prevents a person from being able to see the dangerous relationship which relates back to drugs or alcohol and keeps a person from admitting the reality of a problem.

Fear of Being Different

Sobriety can be difficult in a world where others are drinking (seemingly) without issue. The idea of becoming a ‘non-drinker’ is something every sober person must accept and many are afraid to accept the reality that different (in this context) is okay.

Sobriety is Not an Option

Sobriety is often tied to a stereotype of addiction (homeless person under a bridge, etc). In fact, sobriety is an option, and a choice, every individual must make to get on the road to recovery and become healthy.


Choosing sobriety may feel scarier than staying in active addiction. Hired Power can help provide resources and tools to support a journey to recovery that begins with admitting a problem exists and seeking help for next steps. Call us to get started.