Our recovery services are designed to support your family through every possible phase of the recovery process.


  • Intervention: Intervention is often the first step toward recovery for friends and family members of a loved one struggling with addiction or a mental health issue. Our team of trusted interventionists are part of a greater network of interventionists we have personally worked with over the years. Hired Power will connect you to a certified interventionist who can work with you and your family to create the best approach possible for confronting a loved one and making a plan for treatment.
  • Treatment Planning: Sometimes loved ones don’t have to be confronted through an intervention. They are aware of their problem and willing to seek help. Working with insurance companies and making dozens of phone calls is exhausting as a family member. All you want to do is support your loved one and keep an eye on them until they go to treatment. Our team makes the calls and puts together a plan for treatment that works with your loved one’s needs, insurance, and financial requirements. Once a treatment program is chosen, we can help with other areas of planning in between.
  • Safe Passage Transportation: Only someone who has experienced the temptations of addiction and has overcome them can truly understand what it is like to be just a few hours sober on the way to treatment. Between leaving the house and getting to treatment there are endless ways to be tempted to relapse and not continue the journey toward getting help. Hired Power safe passage transportation services include a certified recovery assistant to accompany your loved one on their journey. Keeping a watchful eye, handling all the details of travel, talking to them, and relating their story, your loved one won’t feel alone and will be taken care of.
  • Recovery Planning: Traditional treatment programs aren’t always an option because of work, fame, responsibility, or finances. Hired Power can help you create a custom plan for recovery including accountability methods, frequent check-in’s with a case manager, regular testing, doctors, therapists, twelve step meetings, and more.
  • Personal Recovery Assistants: We all need somebody to lean on. Personal Recovery Assistants are sometimes called Sober Coaches. Learning to live a lifestyle based in recovery when you already have a full life can be a challenge. A recovery assistant helps you stay focused on recovery and plan your day according to recovery.
  • Aftercare Sober Monitoring: After treatment, it is helpful to maintain accountability and have regular check ins. Our sober monitoring programs can include daily, weekly, or monthly check-in’s, urinalysis, and meeting accountability as well. By text, email, phone call, and video chat, our clients check in with us every day. When they don’t, we follow up and keep them accountable.
  • Urinalysis: Random urinalysis is a great way to maintain accountability. Hired Power has trusted relationships with a network of laboratories across the country. When a client is tasked with a urinalysis, there is no getting out of it. We set them an appointment near by and schedule them to show up, submit a sample, and check in with their case manager.
  • Experienced Recovery Professionals: Our dynamic team of experienced recovery professionals have either lived through addiction and recovery themselves or have been the supporter of someone else who has. Nobody has the professionalism and personal experience like our team does. We are willing to support you every step of the way so you can bring recovery home. For information, call us today: 714-559-3919.