Addiction is a brain disease that changes the way the brain functions and responds to drug abuse or behaviors. It is a chronic disease that can be managed with the appropriate support. At Hired Power, we are dedicated to helping individuals struggling with substance use disorder find the services they need to change their trajectory. One of the first steps in the recovery process is often an intervention.  


Are interventions effective?


Interventions are a critical tool and can be an empowering process for all parties if they are professionally guided. There are many different approaches to intervention. The most effective interventions are non-confrontational and focus on positive and encouraging words and actions. 

Hired Power has a team of board-registered intervention professionals, certified alcohol and drug counselors, and members of the Association of Intervention Specialists trained in different intervention models to ensure your intervention is effective. Our team of experts helps friends and family prepare different types of interventions, including:


Do interventions work? Tips for Success


If you are at the point of considering an intervention, you are likely asking, do interventions work? When you are preparing to invest in a vulnerable and emotional process for someone you care about, you want to know your efforts will bring a positive return. 

While interventions can be a powerful healing tool, they can also bring up conflict and anger, which is why professional guidance is essential. There are several tips to ensure your intervention works, including:

  • Seek professional guidance to help assist you through the process of planning and facilitating the intervention
  • Thoroughly plan the intervention with your interventionist and consider the best time, location, people, and approach.
  • Make sure involved individuals know the plan and adhere to discussed details.
  • Follow the guidance of your professional interventionist to ensure your intervention stays on track. Rehearse the intervention from speeches to seating arrangements to ensure everyone is prepared and confident.
  • Research different recovery options alongside your trained interventionist and be prepared to start the recovery immediately.
  • Be prepared to accept rejection and have calm, rational responses prepared.
  • Understand that setting boundaries and stopping enabling destructive behavior is one of the first and most important steps in the healing journey

Hired Power helps friends and family create a successful intervention from the planning, intervention, and aftercare. Our certified intervention specialists ensure the healing process takes place in a supportive and safe environment so that individuals with addiction can create the change necessary for a healthier and fulfilled life.  


The Intervention Support You Need


Hired Power believes in a family-centered approach throughout the entire recovery journey. Our specialists educate and support families so that they can focus on love and healing. We want to take the burden from your family and guide you into a new beginning.

Contact us to speak to an intervention specialist and learn more about our addiction and mental health recovery services.