Ending the Illusion of “One More”

Many recovering people who have experienced relapse tell the same tale. A lot of relapse survivors understand that relapse occurred long before the first substance was picked up. Relapse begins in the mind. One of the first thoughts before relapsing is that “one more” is okay. When you start walking the path of recovery, you have to understand and accept that one more is not possible once you have an addiction.

The brain is a funny contraption. Your mind may glamourize your use when in reality substance use is far from wonderful. In the 12-step rooms, there is an adage about playing the tape to the end. Playing the tape to the end is about remembering the reality of drug and alcohol use. Try to remember the times that “one more” ended in disaster. For example, drugs and alcohol may have cost you jobs, relationships, finances, and your reputation.

When you are in the midst of a craving, it is somewhat normal to only the remember good times. If you dig a little deeper you will start to remember that any drugs or alcohol use was painful. Once you have crossed the threshold of addiction, there really is no way to go back and become functional or control substance use.

Try to remember that your thoughts are not always fact. Even though you feel you may be able to control your use, you can’t. A good way to process your thoughts is to remember your history.

Stop and ask yourself some of these questions:

  • When was the last time I actually controlled my use?
  • Have I embarrassed myself in the past?
  • Has using or drinking given me consequences?
  • If so, what kind of consequences?
  • Have I really been happy with using?

Ending the illusion of safely having one more drink or one more drug is about acceptance. You have to accept the fact that drug and alcohol use is not beneficial for you. Try jotting down some of the reasons why drugs and alcohol have been negative in your life and work from there. You can be successful in recovery, but it starts with being honest with yourself.

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