Addiction takes a toll on the body, mind and soul over time. Cravings can be triggered at any moment in different situations. The best resource for combating cravings are natural methods which focus on restoring the body into balance. Learn how to identify natural highs and fight off cravings during recovery.


Power of Positive Thinking

Finding new ways to achieve a high without drugs or alcohol can be a challenge. Following years of addiction and pursuing harmful chemicals to experience euphoria, the commitment to sobriety and clean living may feel overwhelming. The following tips can be helpful when beginning the journey of pursuing a more positive perspective on recovery:

  • Listen to words of wisdom and advice from counselors and recovering peers
  • Learn how to achieve natural high from others who have used similar techniques
  • Utilize positive thinking along with diet changes and exercise to boost stamina


Natural Highs

The best natural highs help keep a person in recovery focused on what is positive rather than challenging about recovery. The following six alternatives are a great place to start:

  • Exercise: the benefits of exercise are very generous including a release of endorphins (a ‘feel good’ chemical) which helps create a euphoric relaxation response in the brain and body. Find a personalized exercise regimen that feels good and will be enjoyable.
  • Diet: a well-balanced diet with healthy foods is essential to maintaining both physical and psychological health. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables and protein for a health mix. Try to reduce or eliminate processed food, sugars and caffeine which can bring energy down and eat many smaller meals throughout the day for an energy boost.
  • Mother Nature: take in a sunrise, sunset, mountains or just the backyard each day and soak in what’s around Take in the sights and sounds, feel immersed in the presence of something outside the body and notice what happens in the body and mind.
  • Arts immersion: write in a journal, create poetry or art, make music by taking up a new instrument and explore thoughts and feelings. Creative expression can open doors to gratitude and presence, two other great natural highs.
  • Gratitude: an expression of thankfulness and appreciation for what sobriety can bring allows changes to negative thoughts towards the positive and helps in overcoming obstacles in recovery.
  • Presence: staying focused in the present (here and now) can help a person’s daily life feel more energized with positivity. Looking in the past or worrying about the future takes away from the present moment. Enjoy what is now, see things, people and experiences as they are (including oneself) and accept what is for the moment.

Take time to explore many ways to feel healthier and happier on the inside. Let go of fear of the unknown and try new things, meet new people. Engage in the world and see what a positive, healthy experience sobriety can be.


Don’t let triggers and cravings get you down. Hired Power is here to help you find life affirming, positive interactions that will keep you healthy in sobriety. Call us to find out how we can help you get started.