When an addict or alcoholic gets out of treatment they find themselves in a dangerous place. While in residential treatment an individual is not faced with the daily temptations of using drugs or alcohol. However, upon reentering society, alcoholics and addicts are often faced with the desire to engage in their old addictive and alcoholic behaviors. That is why finding a Costa Mesa sober companion can be the difference between relapse and recovery.

It is often said that relapse is part of recovery. However, with the services of one of our professional and certified personal recovery assistants, Hired Power believes your loved one doesn’t have to ever drink or use again. Many addicts go through treatment over and over only to return home and fall back into the same patterns of behavior before eventually returning to drinking or drugs. Relapses often start before the drink. Finding a Costa Mesa sober companion will provide your loved one with the support necessary to establish a lifestyle filled with healthy behaviors- all while still being at home.

Clients receive accountability and support in many areas of their lives, and Hired Power works with each client and their support system to establish what their long-term goals are. This individualized approach provides each client with the opportunity to build the healthy and sober life that they desire. Our services include essential monitoring like keeping track of each client’s attendance at 12-step meetings, such as AA, and any outpatient programs or therapy appointments. The team also gives random urine, blood or hair analyses to ensure there is no doubt about a client’s sobriety.

In addition to their essential monitoring services, Hired Power handles complex issues like public relations for any athletes or musicians and also works with clients facing legal troubles to provide court reporting.

If you want to provide a safe transition out of treatment and into long-term recovery for yourself or a loved one then contact Hired Power about finding a Costa Mesa sober companion today.