A drug or alcohol intervention process can be challenging. The ultimate goal is to convince the individual with addiction a substance abuse problem exists and persuade the person to seek help. An intervention is a delicate process that may require the support of a professional interventionist, experienced in handling sensitive situations. Learn more about how to hire one and what to look for when searching.



Professional interventionists help plan and execute an intervention with a loved one who has a drug or substance use disorder. A good chance of success rests in the hands of people who know and understand what the experience is like, can help plan the intervention and provide support throughout the process.


Intervention Services Offered

Services are typically provided by intervention specialists who are mental health specialists trained and experienced in planning and conducting drug or alcohol interventions. Most provide a number of services, most commonly the following:

  • Educating individuals with addiction, alcoholics and loved ones
  • Giving direction, focus and information about interventions
  • Help loved ones plan an intervention
  • Oversee interventions
  • Provide support to persons with addiction, alcoholics and loved ones
  • Referral of persons with addiction or alcoholism to treatment programs
  • Speak directly to persons with addiction during intervention


What to Look For

Any person can technically refer to oneself as an intervention specialist as it is a relatively new and less regulated field. Searching for an interventionist takes time in knowing what to look for. Some of the things to consider may include:

  • Minimum of master’s degree
  • State license (counseling, therapy, mental health)
  • Experience in staging interventions over the past several years
  • Board certification through the Association of Intervention Specialists Certification Board
  • Referrals and references
  • Some interventionists work with people to provide payment arrangements for services


The use of professional intervention services can increase the chances of a successful intervention. Any person planning to stage an intervention should consider use of professional intervention services. Professionals in the field must be willing to help individuals through every step of the process and it helps to know what to expect throughout the process. In the end, all that matters is the individual who needs help is able and willing to seek treatment and get the help needed to recover and life a long, healthy life. Professional interventionists can support families in reaching this goal.


Hired Power supports families who are seeking help for loved ones with addiction. If your loved one is struggling and you are seeking information on interventions, support groups or other resources, we can help. Call us to find out how to get started.