What are the significant situations that can trigger a relapse? It could be the loss of a loved one, going through a divorce, becoming unemployed, chronic illness, or a serious accident. All these situations are significant life events that can strike anyone, but when they happen to an individual in recovery from addiction, they can trigger a relapse that can be just as devastating as the traumatic event itself. Therefore it is important to learn how to cope when unavoidable incidents arise.


Kick Recovery into High Gear

It is recommended that individual vents all of their anger and frustration or grief in therapy. Support groups and personal psychotherapy sessions are the perfect places to talk about these stressors. No matter what form in which it arrives, a stressor is a threat to the individual’s ability to maintain sobriety if it isn’t processed in a healthy manner.  These moments are the most important times to focus on recovery techniques.


Seek Support from Loved Ones

The individual should ask people whom they trust and who support their recovery by understanding how difficult sober living can be if it is okay to reach out at any time. When the patient is starting to feel like they might relapse, they have a support network ready to help them through it.


Take a Break

Sometimes just taking a break can do wonders. If you’re feeling that you’re going to lapse into buying a drink or calling a friend you used to get high with, stop yourself and take a breather. Just for 10 minutes. Use that 10 minutes to re-evaluate, meditate, call a sober friend, or anything that will hit the reset button.


Focus on What Can Be Changed

Too often individuals put all their energies into things that they cannot change. Let’s face it. Certain things are out of our control, and that can be difficult to handle. It can help to focus on the things that can be changed, and work towards changing them.


Practice Gratitude

It can help to write it out in black and white, a full list of all the things that the individual is grateful for. Don’t overlook things like health or the health of loved ones, a great pet, a good job, or a home to live in. Even focusing on little things like a thriving garden, a car that’s working well, or a great cup of coffee can help to take one’s mind off the tough stuff that is causing instability in recovery.

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