Celebrities such as Paris Hilton have drawn attention to “troubled teen” treatment programs that may harm rather than help. While it’s essential to select the right type of help for your child, it can be challenging to find trustworthy resources to help guide your decisions.

Hired Power, an addiction recovery service in Huntington Beach, California, has over 20 years of experience helping families across the country deal with substance-use disorders, behavioral disorders, addiction and recovery. We have no financial ties or affiliations with any treatment center or provider. Our goal is to guide families through the many options available so they can find the best solution for their child.

As an independent service dedicated solely to the benefit of our clients, you can count on us for decades of experience, impartial advice and assistance throughout your teen’s recovery process. This webinar provides an overview of the various ways Hired Power can help.

Does Your Family Need Guidance & Support?

Is your teen at risk with signs of substance abuse? Alcohol is the most widely abused substance among America’s youth. According to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), about 7.05 million Americans between 12 and 20 report current alcohol consumption. Most teens experiment with alcohol at some point.

Thirty percent of 10th graders and 40 percent of 12th graders say they have used a drug at least once in the past year, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Signs of substance abuse:

  • Academic or behavioral problems in school
  • Mood changes, irritability, defensiveness, anger or rage
  • Rebelling against family rules or withdrawing from the family
  • Sneaking out of the house or running away
  • Reluctance to let you meet new friends
  • Disengaged and apathetic
  • Lack of involvement in former interests
  • Sloppy appearance; neglecting self-care
  • Low self-image and self-worth
  • Poor social skills and decision making
  • Self-harm, suicide ideation
  • Problems concentrating or remembering
  • Slurred speech or coordination problems

If you notice these signs, in addition to catching your teen drinking or taking drugs, reach out for information from a professional to evaluate the situation and determine if your teen requires counseling or treatment.

Treatment Options for Teens

Treatment programs may include outpatient services or structured, live-in residential programs. The intake process starts with a diagnostic evaluation typically consisting of a series of psychological or neuropsychological tests to identify emotional, behavioral, or learning difficulties that may be contributing to the teen’s problems.

Your child’s treatment will be highly dependent on the individual and families needs. As the experts in the field, Hired Power will help you navigate the process by making professional recommendations that will suit your needs and goals best.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient programs provide treatment during the day while your teen continues to live at home. This type of program may be best when your teen poses no risk to themselves or others in the household and when the home environment won’t interfere with progress.

Residential Treatment Programs

Removing your teen from negative peer groups or family conflict can help them better reflect on the factors that contribute to their negative behavior.

Residential options may be appropriate when:

  • The teen’s behavior is dangerous
  • Previous outpatient treatment hasn’t worked
  • Members of the household are at risk of being harmed

Placing your teen in a residential program is a difficult decision but can sometimes be the only way to ensure they get the help they need.

A teen’s emotional state is frequently influenced by their surroundings, making it harder to sort out their feelings. By removing your teen from their environment, they may be able to isolate and address issues without being distracted or feeling judged.

Residential treatment programs can be generally classified as follows:

Group homes provide supervision and support 24 hours a day in a home-like setting. Many of these facilities are secure and have structured check-in/check-out procedures.

Wilderness Camps are therapeutic programs that can last several weeks to several months. Teens are typically housed in basic, no-frills conditions and are removed from adverse environments at home and school. Teens learn self-reliance from experienced leaders, guides, and counselors.

Residential Treatment Centers are live-in facilities where teens receive clinical and medical assistance for conditions such as attention deficit disorder, eating disorders, or substance abuse. Long-term residential facilities include an educational component so that teens remain current with their schoolwork.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools, like residential treatment centers, are long-term facilities with counseling, intensive therapy, regular classes, and licensed teachers. Therapists and teachers live and work alongside students, cultivating trust.

Finding the Right Therapeutic Option

The first step in finding the right plan for your teen is to seek the guidance of a professional who can support and advise you throughout the process. Other steps might include:

  • Investigate programs thoroughly with a professional at your side—you are your child’s best advocate.
  • Don’t let location limit your options. The best program for your child’s needs may not be in your city or even your state.
  • Check with the state Attorney General’s office or Department of Social Services for any reports of abuse or neglect at the facility. Professional guidance is also invaluable in ensuring you choose a reputable facility or program for your child.
  • Ask the facility for parent references.

How Hired Power Can Help

With over 20 years of experience, Hired Power—located in Huntington Beach, California, but helping clients across the country—has earned the trust of thousands of professionals, clients, and their loved ones. We know that there is no “one size fits all” approach to recovery and understand the various treatment methods and programs for troubled teens.

Hired Power is family-owned, fully independent, and not affiliated with any particular program or facility. Our experience and impartiality make us uniquely qualified to help you find the best solution for your family’s situation.

Ongoing Support for Better Odds

Focusing on safe passage, interventions, personal recovery assistants, data-driven monitoring, case management, and coaching for individuals and their families, we help our clients achieve and maintain a successful recovery.

Our monitoring program helps those who have struggled with addiction and are concerned about staying sober on their own. Hired Power can help by building an accountability partnership to support your teen’s recovery.

Resources for You and Your Troubled Teen

If you believe your child is struggling with behavioral or substance abuse issues, don’t wait to seek treatment. Selecting the proper course of action for you and your teen is one of the hardest yet most important decisions you’ll ever face. We can help.

Hired Power works closely with your family and the professionals involved in your child’s recovery to help create the safest possible experience and best outcome. To learn more about our addiction recovery services, call our Huntington Beach, CA, headquarters today at (800) 910-9299.