Hired Power works with professionals in addiction treatment and counseling across the country. A representative from one of our referring treatment centers, recently sat down for a Q&A session to share her experience working with Hired Power.

Q: Thank you for joining us today. How did you connect with Hired Power?

A: I first learned of Hired Power through founder and CEO Nanette Zumwalt. Since she opened her doors more than 20 years ago, Nanette has been nothing but professional, treated clients respectfully, and really helped me help my own clients! I’ve worked with other facilities, but Hired Power’s dedication to personalized, compassionate care really stands out.

Q: How amazing that you and Nanette have fostered such a long-term professional relationship. Has she ever had the chance to see your facility in person?

A: Nanette has come to visit the facility in person and met with the team in person. Having Nanette visit our facility and connect with our team gives each of us the opportunity to assess our fit. I always want to make sure that the company providing transition services for our clients has the right level of experience, training, and compassion, while she has to make sure our facility is the right place to transition clients to.

At the end of the day, I think Nanette’s visits are really a testament to Hired Power’s dedication to forming meaningful relationships with the addiction and behavioral health facilities they partner with.

Q: As someone with more than two decades of professional experience in the addiction and behavioral health industry, what would you say makes Hired Power stand out from other centers offering transition services?

A: I do all the clinical admission assessments for everyone coming into our facility. More often than not, timing can be tricky with transitions because a client might need these services right away, so if I know someone needs treatment on the front end I might call Hired Power. Then, at the end of discharge planning, we often go to Hired Power.

Over the last 20 years, Hired Power has never said NO to me. They always pull through. Whenever I call, they are there. They can move quickly. One time I remember I called late at night needing someone the next day and somehow Hired Power made it happen and got the person safely to treatment.

I feel like I can always rely on Hired Power to act quickly, and that means a lot in our field. When our clients are in a vulnerable state, having quick, responsive care can make all the difference. Hired Power takes care of everything, from transportation and flight information to emotional support.

Many of our clients travel far to get to our facility, so downtime at the airport can be tough for them. The Personal Recovery Assistants (PRA) that Hired Power provides for our clients are there to support them every step of the way, including resisting temptation from airport bars, train lounges, etc.

Q: You’ve spoken of how Hired Power makes it a point to transition your clients into treatment quickly and efficiently. Do they also deliver the same level of care with their aftercare services?

A: The prep and post recovery center support is essential! Hired Power helps us wrap services around each client depending on their unique needs. We want to provide as much support as possible. We have a highly individualized program — only 11 clients at a time — so we want our aftercare to be just as tailored to provide ongoing support.

I have worked with Hired Power with several facilities, and no matter where I am, they always provide the same level of care. Their PRAs provide mentorship and guidance for clients leaving inpatient care, so they can continue on the path toward lasting recovery with supportive sober companions at their side. Hired Power’s personalized approach to care also extends to case management for legal hurdles, regular monitoring for those at risk of relapse, and one-on-one recovery coaches.

Q: How would you describe Hired Power to other professional organizations? What adjectives do you think you would use?

A: I would describe Hired Power as providing safe passage to and from treatment, and clinical case management post treatment if a client needs extra support. Those are the main areas I think of Hired Power for.

As for adjectives: professional, responsive, clinical expertise, and trustworthy are words that come to mind. And most of all, they take good care of our clients. Very good about identifying the right person to be the best fit for each individual (sober companion). They have people around the country so they can always make it happen.

Q: Have you ever asked your clients what they think about Hired Power’s transition services? If so, what have they said?

A: Our clients have always had positive things to say about Hired Power. All of the services they provide are designed to help our clients feel safe and supported throughout their recovery journey. Their transition services allow our clients to focus on their recovery, rather than sweating the small details, like transportation or flight details. Meanwhile, their aftercare services, like sober companions and monitoring, help keep clients on track as they navigate life beyond addiction.

Q: That must be wonderful to hear from your clients. Do you feel like there are better options than Hired Power, or are they your top choice for transition services?

A: We do give patients options, but the confidence I have with Hired Power’s ability to be responsive and make it happen is what keeps drawing me back to them. Our clients get the support and care they crave from Hired Power, and it’s a weight off our shoulders knowing that our clients are always in safe hands. Our clients can never have too many allies, and we consider Hired Power to be one of the best.

*Note: Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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