There are many symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Ironically, the individual who is addicted is often the one who doesn’t realize that they have a problem. They are unable to see the outward signs of addiction that the people around them can. The individual may also be in denial or believe that if they hide their substance abuse from others that they are keeping the problem under control. In reality, however, the physical and behavioral signs of addiction are clearly apparent. So what are some common signs of addiction?



One of the most obvious behavioral changes associated with addiction is isolation. An individual with addiction will often use drugs or alcohol as a way of dealing with stress or relaxing after a difficult day. These individuals will either go away to be alone and use their substance of choice, or will be emotionally withdrawn while they use the substance in the presence of family or friends. Another sign is when the individual tries to hide their substance use altogether, and will be away from home for lengthy periods of time. During that time they will either be in bars or with friends who also abuse substances, but not with their family.

Isolation often brings with it a loss of interest in the hobbies and activities that the individual used to like and participate in. If one starts noticing that the individual has suddenly stopped playing the sports they used to play, or as limited their association with long-term friends or family members, then a reasonable conclusion is that they are spending that time on the misuse of drugs or alcohol.


Mood Swings

The state of being addicted means that the individual has undergone a drastic change in their lifestyle, and mood swings are common. The individual who is using drugs or alcohol can experience extreme mood swings. They can be deliriously happy one minute and cranky the next and back to upbeat right after. These kinds of mood swings are the result of the changes that excessive use of drugs and alcohol and have on the body, and are a noticeable sign of an addiction problem.


Financial Troubles

Individuals who are struggling with an addiction are usually constantly looking for money to support their habit. Regular drug or alcohol use can be a very expensive habit to maintain, and the individual could even go as far as stealing from family members and friends when they have spent their own money. The individual may not even have money to pay their rent or buy groceries, but will find ways to buy the drugs and alcohol.

While the above is no means a comprehensive list of the signs of addiction, they are some of the most common ones. If one thinks that their loved one has an addiction problem, they should be on the lookout for these signs, and consider having a discussion about how treatment can help the individual return to sobriety.

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