The magic in spiritual tools is that they are not made up of any material whatsoever. A spiritual tool is a non-material practice that can be utilized at any given time (when willing) that can promote a change in your attitude, outlook, self-awakening, and quality of life. These action-based tools are not to be used to fix others, but to create correction, molding, and mending within you. Deploying these tools in your every day “hustle and bustle” is not hard. The secret ingredients for applying spiritual tools to your life are WILLINGNESS and KEEPING YOUR MIND AND FEET IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

When the beast of trouble awakens and you react in fear, you become prey very quickly to problems, misery, and confusion. Are you thinking of which spiritual tool to utilize during these challenges? All of us are given a set of spiritual tools along our life journeys. Some new ones will be obtained along the way if you decide you want to keep an open mind and stay willing (yes-there’s that word again-WILLING). It’s human nature to become lazy. It is also human nature to become ungrateful for these tools that can be used to build a beautiful spiritual structure within you. Ask yourself this question: How can we possibly be satisfied with more when we are not satisfied with what we already have?

When pondering this notion, you just may awaken to the fact that you have disconnected from your spiritual tool kit. It will take persistence, practice, acceptance, and patience, to utilize these tools and for them to show results within yourself. Some of the most effective spiritual tools to use on a day-to-day basis (today is truly all we have) are:

  1. Begin your day by chasing a positive outlook. Remember that you have the option to choose misery or choose peace. Keep a list of positive affirmations about yourself and inspirational quotes by your bed to help you remember the true you. This will also help create a vision for you. Hint: If you don’t choose the vision, the vision will choose you.
  2. Practice maintenance throughout the day by practicing positive self-talk and application of 3 selfless actions (there are never too many selfless actions). Maintenance means you are preserving something and in this case, by doing this, you are preserving your emotional wellbeing!
  3. Stay in connection with positive influences in your life. This creates more motivation than you are aware of! Only place yourself around people who fan your flames!
  4. Physical self-care is VITAL! Your body is like a vehicle. It is constantly on the go, traveling from place to place. It does turn off at night and stay in one place, but it is moving all throughout the day. Eventually the vehicle needs fuel before it breaks down. YOU NEED FUEL! Your body is a kingdom. Are you treating it like a kingdom?

There are many spiritual tools and these are just 4 that seem to be very successful with people who are living productive, happy, and successful lifestyles. Look at your feet- there is a brand new spiritual tool belt waiting for you to strap on and to be on your way in this thing called life!