Spiritual healing is an integral part of a recovery journey. Every person will respond differently to spiritual healing but it is very individualized. Read on to find out more on spiritual healing, addiction and how to integrate the practice into one’s own journey of recovery.



The first step to moving forward with spiritual healing in recovery is to surrender one’s will to God. Healing only comes when a person admits it is not possible to control what is happening in life, including addiction. Resting and being at peace with surrender to God (as one knows it) can be a powerful experience of letting go and letting another lead the way.


Loving Through Addiction

It may be difficult to comprehend how an individual can be loved so much in spite of having done so many things while addicted, but forgiveness abounds from self love. Learning to love oneself begins with accepting God loves each and every person, regardless of circumstances and especially in spite of shortcomings and perceived failures. There is no circumstance God cannot reach down into and heal for the greater good. It is easier to let go when a person realizes God has already provided forgiveness free of charge and offered a blessing and sacrifice which can pave the way to healing from addiction. It is freely available at any time for a person who desires it, all one has to do is ask to receive abundance in the form of blessing and grace.

How to Surrender

Learning to ask God to take personal pain and turn it into triumph takes time, patience and acceptance of the power of God to do just that. It may not seem possible in any given moment trauma, difficult circumstances or pain can be turned into something positive but it is possible. In spite of all the grief inside a person, God can move in the experiences of a person’s life and stir to create something good.


Offer Problems to God

Humility is another practice which takes baby steps to achieve, but over time it will become ingrained in one’s recovery journey. Letting God take one’s problems can open up new avenues of healing not noticed before and provide a space to let go of grief and move into healing.


Surrender is truly the first, and best step, a person can take to get started on the spiritual path to healing in recovery. It is, indeed, the only thing that works as addiction is bigger than any one person and God can provide a path to healing. Deliverance is a great promise from a mighty God who is able to provide more than is ever conceivable within human comprehension. Opening oneself to the possibilities can provide paths to  find one’s way again in recovery, on the road to healing.


Hired Power believes recovery is available to every person who struggles with addiction. Call us to find out how you can get started on the path to healing from addiction.