Addiction had a negative impact on your mood. Part of withdrawal is the crash you experience as the substances are leaving your body. Part of the withdrawal process are feelings of depression, anxiety, and other mood concerns.

Recovery helps to rid your body and mind of toxins. Your body begins to repair itself the first day that you’re sober. For example, within days of not consuming alcohol, your liver, heart, and other organs begin the healing process. Recovery also gives you a clear mind. You are able to think, focus, and concentrate clearly.

Recovery is the real you. Once you begin detoxing, the real you begin to emerge. For many people, it takes time to rediscover dreams, passions, and characteristics. Drugs and alcohol have clouded your mind. The longer you use, the more time you may need to physically and emotionally recovery from drug and alcohol use.

If you have an underlying mood disorder, your medication won’t be effective if you abuse drugs or drink alcohol. The medication won’t work as well. In some cases, drug and alcohol use can cause side effects that could harm your health.

Rates of co-occurring disorders are significant among people who present with a substance dependency. Depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are mental health issues that affect every aspect of an individual.

Some people use drugs and alcohol to cope with depression, anxiety, and trauma. This is an understandable coping mechanism. The reality is that this type of coping is temporary. The only way to deal with mental health symptoms is to understand the root cause. Drugs and alcohol are a way to escape.

There is some good news. Once you begin a recovery program, your mood will start to improve. Part of the withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol is irritability, agitation, depression, anxiety, and many other negative symptoms. The moment you dedicate yourself to a recovery program, your healing journey begins.

Recovery isn’t always an easy road to walk, but the journey is worth it. You are worth it. Take a chance on yourself and commit to a recovery program today.

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